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Students and faculty must be involved in university governance if we hope to keep our institutions just and healthy places that support learning. I have pushed for wise university policies while serving my communities in a variety of ways.

(Picture: As part of the Penn student government, I organized an essay contest on the theme "Why I Need Dental Insurance." This picture illustrated The Daily Pennsylvanian's story about the winners.)



University of Pennsylvania


Vice President for Policy and Administration, Graduate Student Government of the School of Arts and Sciences, 2007-2008

I pushed for the university to better meet the basic needs of its graduate student employees. Under my leadership, "SASgov" collected data on housing conditions, health insurance, and time-to-degree differences to inform campus-wide discussions about graduate student stipends. This information helped persuade the administration to add an additional month of funding to the standard stipend package, a raise of more than $2,000 for the least supported students in the humanities.

Graduate Student Representative, University Council Committee on Libraries, 2003-2006

I advocated for the needs of historians and other scholars who use print, as the library negotiated tight budgets caused by exponentially increasing charges for scientific journals. This work helped to ensure ready access to research and teaching resources in the history of science. I accepted a dean's apology for moving the entire 400 and 500 Dewey decimal sections to storage on the assumption that no one cared about old science.

Brown University

Founded the Science Studies Undergraduate Group, Fall 2000

As an independent major working on the history of science before Brown organized a formal major, I helped to create a social support system for others interested in Science Studies. Under my leadership, the group organized a film and discussion night and a thesis presentation session. Now that Brown has established a major in science and technology studies, the group has become an official part of undergraduate life on campus.

Dean’s Committee on Academic Advising, 1999-2000

I provided an undergraduate perspective as the committee sought to find ways to reach students who did not actively seek advising through the University's existing programs.

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