Portrait of the Sun

In your minds eye imagine a dark and sparse vacuum of space. Billions of years ago there was neither sun nor planets. All of matters were small particles of dust, hydrogen gases, and the energy that surrounded it. The gases accumulated into dense clouds due to the forces of gravity. These atoms within the dense clouds moved so fast that protons of hydrogen began to collide and fuse together creating the first helium atoms. Through those collisions of hydrogen atoms energy was released in the forms of light and heat which were seen and felt. The clouds amass to form the core of what we know as the sun, our greatest and most influential star of the Milky Way whirlpool galaxy. Fortunately for us, the sun did not consume all of the dust and hydrogen gases. For after the creation of the sun 8 planets were born including ours, the earth. 

The sun is our source of radiant light giving off all wavelengths which are visible and non-visible to our eyes. Although the sun will not last forever it will continue to reign supreme for millions of years to come. Once all of the hydrogen is converted into helium the yellow giant will begin to envelope the solar system becoming a red giant and eventually turning to a white dwarf. Our solar system eventually will be consumed by the Milky Way's first star, the sun. Our beginning now is becoming our ending.

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