boot - boot ELF from the RL02 disk


This section describes how to boot the ELF monitor program (or any Parasite-fs program) from the RL02 disk. It assumes that the satellite system is based on the IS-68K CPU.

The first step is to put a disk cartridge into drive 0 and push load. When the disk is loaded, toggle the init switch on the front panel to begin executing the Integrated Solutions standalone boot program. At this point the boot program will print several messages and prompts and you will respond as illustrated below:

Testing on-board memory ...
Integrated Solutions standalone boot - version 2.3A
: rl(0,0)RETURN
Loading at 0x800: 408 + 8 + 0
Type RETURN to start at 0x800


The first and second responses cause the system to load and execute the Parasite-fs boot program stored at block 0 of the RL02 disk. The final response causes the Parasite-fs boot to load and execute the ELF monitor program (/sys/elf). To execute a program other than ELF, type the full path name of that program.:

# /sys/makefsys