chmod - change mode


chmod mode file1 [ file2 ...]


Changes the permissions of each named file according to mode , which may be absolute or symbolic. An absolute mode is an octal number constructed from the OR of the following modes:
04	read
02	write
01	execute
A symbolic mode has the form:
op permission [op permission]
op can be + to add permission to the file's mode, - to take away permission , or = to assign permission absolutely (all other bits are reset).

permission is any combination of the letters r (read), w (write), and x (execute). Omitting permission is only useful with = to take away all permissions.


The first example denies write permission, the second makes a file executable, the third assigns read only permission, and the fourth assigns read, write, and execute permissions.
chmod -w file

chmod +x file

chmod = r file

chmod 7 file


chsize(1F) , create(1F) , ls(1F)