diskcp - copy contents of one disk to another




Copies the contents of the RL02 disk mounted on drive 0 to the disk mounted on drive 1. After invoking diskcp the user is sees:
Diskcp copies blocks from the disk in drive 0
to the disk in drive 1.
Mount the disk to be copied in drive 0
and the disk to be written in drive 1.
For extra security, Write Protect drive 0.

Type a one letter response to specify operation
        Copy entire disk        [a]
        Copy specified blocks   [b]
        Quit                    [q]
It has been my experience, that you should not write-protect drive 0 until you see this information on screen. Unless you really know what you are doing, you want option a. The disk copy operation takes 1:38 minutes. If you get error messages about write failures on the target disk cartridge, throw the target disk cartridge away. It has been my experience that the system should be re-booted after this process is finished, even if the next task is to make another copy of the disk.


The disk copy operation will fail if drive 1 is write protected or if either of the disks contain bad blocks. When these faults occur, error messages containing the dive and block numbers and error flags are printed.