qcc - the parasite-targeted C cross-compiler


qcc [-s] [-o outputfile] [-l libraryfile] [-S] [other cc-like options] file1 [ file2 ...]


qcc is a parasite-targeted C cross-compiler. qcc currently targets parasite version 2.3A running on a 68000/Q-bus system. qcc is currently hosted by a SunOS 4.1.X (SPARC) system.


qcc options should be familar to those comfortable with a typical UNIX cc. Only the most common qcc options are discussed here. If you really must know what other cc-like options are supported, you can read /usr/local/q68/src/mcc/mcc.c.
Do not include the symbol table in the output, thus reducing the output size considerably. Since there currently is no parasite cross-debugger, there is little, if any, need for a symbol table in a parasite executable. Therefore, it is suggested that all link steps use -s (i.e. wherever there is a -o, there should be a -s ).

Name the current output file outputfile.

Link with object libraryfile. This option must follow the sourcefile arguments. This option is simply passed to the cross-linker (mld). Typically, this option is unnecessary, as all parasite system libraries are searched by the cross-linker.

Do not assemble the program but produce an assembly source file.


The shell script that serves as the front-end for the cross-compiler.

Not much more than another front end for the real cross-compiler.

The cross-assembler.

The cross-linker.

One of the stages of the cross-compiler.

One of the stages of the cross-compiler.

The run-time startoff

The standard I/O library.

The standard libary.

The floating point library.

The interface library to the Megatek.

I do not know precisely what is in here.

I do not know precisely what is in here.

I do not know precisely what is in here.

Interace to John Andrews-labenski's force-o-meter.

DMA D/A sound user routines.


The C Programming Language, Kernighan and Ritchie, plint(1F)