vfopen, vfclose, mkvchar -- build a basic picture of vector characters


#include <mpict_p.h>

struct vfont *vfopen (vfile, scale)
char *vfile;
int scale;

vclose (vp)
struct vfont *vp;

PICT mkvchar (font, string)
struct vfont *font;
char *string;


vfopen opens a new vector character font by reading in the file specified by the string pointer vfile, scaling it by the factor scale. It returns a pointer to the vector font structure it creates.

vfclose closes the vector font pointed to it by vp.

mkvchar builds a basic picture of vector characters. font is a pointer to a vector font returned by vfopen. The character string beginning at the address passed in string provides the characters for building a display of vector characters. mkvchar returns a PICT, a pointer to picture structure that can be used as an argument to mkpic(3U) , mkpar(3U) , or mktop(3U) to build complex or top pictures.


mktext(3U) , mkpic(3U) , mkpar(3U) , or mktop(3U)


vfopen prints an error message and returns NULL for the following: