Analysis of the Examples

Example Species Factor F Factor G Module Type Measure(s)
Derived Pure Direct Pure Composite
1. Isolation of a Timing Module Rat Time of Food Reward Probability of Food Reward Functional *
2. Parallel processes revealed by the LRP Human Discriminability S-R Mapping Neural *
3. Sensory and Decision Modules in SDT ? Pigeon Response Reinforcement Ratio Luminance Ratio Functional *
4. Selective adaptation & spatial frequency "channels" Human Low-Frequency Adaptation High-Frequency Adaptation Functional *
5. Single neuron activations & serial processes Monkey S-R Mapping None Neural *
6. fMRI reveals localized modules Human Hypothetical Hypothetical Neural *
Combination Rule
7. Detection of compound gratings Human Contrast of Low-Frequency Grating Contrast of High-Frequency Grating Functional * Multiplication
8. ERP amplitude Human Semantic Satiation Semantic Relatedness Neural * Summation
9. Response rate Rat Hours of Deprivation Frequency of Food Reward Functional * Multiplication
10. Reaction time / sleep deprivation Human Stimulus Quality S-R Mapping Familiarity Functional * Summation
11. Serial processes revealed by the LRP Human Stimulus Quality Response Complexity Functional & Neural * * Summation