Gauss Tutorial

You can download several GAUSS sample programs to familiarize yourself with the GAUSS programming language. Please have a look at the readme-file first. The Tutorial consists of an ASCII data-set and the three programs matrix.g, loaddata.g, random.g. Each program asks you to do a small exercise at the end.

Solving Linear Rational Expectations Models

GAUSS implementation of Chris Sims' solution algorithm for Linear RE Models. The programs are based on a Generalized (complex) Schur decomposition, written for GAUSS  by Paul Soederlind. (Note: The Schur decomposition is included in the package.) Download Programs. (last updated on 7/16/03)


Dynare is a pre-processor and a collection of GAUSS, MATLAB, or Scilab routines which solve non-linear models with forward looking variables: Link to Dynare Site.

Software for Bayesian Data Analysis

Bayesian Inference Using Gibbs Sampling (BUGS)


Tutorial for Undergraduate Students: Tutorial I by Canlin Li
Tutorial for Graduate Students: Tutorial II by Chun-Seng Yip