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Vandana Shiva - Indian physicist, ecologist, activist. Link takes you to her speech on the food wars.
Janis Carter - The woman who taught Lucy the chimpanzee how to survive as a chimpanzee and still works to protect chimpanzees in Gambia.
Alan Rabinowitz - Conservationist responsible for creation of the worlds first and only Jaguar sanctuary, and campaigner on reserves for wild cats all over the world. CEO of 'Panthera'.

Fernando Nottebohm - Neuroscientist, Dorothea L. Leonhardt Professor at Rockefeller University, pioneering discoverer of neural regeneration. Birds, songs, and memory.
Ian Couzin - Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University. Collective decision making in animals.
President Barack Obama
Cameron Currie - Associate Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Ants: the stuff they grow and the stuff that grows on them.
Christof Koch - Professor of Biology & Engineering, California Institute of Technology.
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"Consilience" - E.O. Wilson
"A Sand County Almanac" - Aldo Leopold
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On my birthday, 2007

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