Current Graduate Students

Andy Gersick

Andy studies the vocal communication of spotted hyenas at Kay Holekamp's research site in the Masai Mara
Game Reserve, Kenya. Andy's wife makes horror movies.




Isaac Schamberg

Isaac studies the vocal communication of free-ranging bonobos at the LuiKotal research site in the
Democratic Republic of Congo, established by Gottfried Hohmann. Isaac has been deported from more
countries than any other graduate student in the Psychology Department.



Noah Snyder-Mackler

Noah studies patterns of kinship and cooperation in gelada monkeys in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, at
the research site run by Jacinta Beehner and Thore Bergman. Noah is reputed to be the fastest chicken plucker in
the Simien Mountains.





Past Graduate Students (since 1995)
Maria Rakhovskaya
Shermin de Silva
Julie Gros-Louis
Friederike Range
Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez
Anya Vlasak
Klaus Zuberbuhler

Post-docs (since 1995)
Cathy Crockford
Liza Moscovice
Roman Wittig

Jacinta Beehner
Thore Bergman
Anne Engh
Julia Fischer
Dawn Kitchen
Marta Manser
Ryne Palombit
Drew Rendall


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