August 1999

Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Associate, Middle East Center
Member, Graduate Group in Religious Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Director, Center for Research on the Acts of Man


Sociologist and Psychologist. B.S. (1947 Mathematics), New York University; M.A. (1950 psychology), Ed.D. (1951 Psychology), Ph.D. (1963 Sociology), Columbia University.


City College of New York (1951-52, 1955-57)
Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1952-53, 1976, 1983)
Columbia University (1957-63)
Union Theological Seminary (1961-63)
University of Pennsylvania (1967-96)
Al-Mansoura University, Egypt (1983)
Muhammad V University, Rabat, (1986)

Military Service:

Air Navigator, United States Army Air Corps (1943-45); Air Navigator, Israel Air Force (Foreign Volunteer Unit) 1948).



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