August 1999
                                                        SAMUEL Z. KLAUSNER  CV

Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Associate, Middle East Center
Member, Graduate Group in Religious Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Director, Center for Research on the Acts of Man

Guide To Headings

A. Teaching
B. Clinical
C. Research Programs
D. Administration
A. Advisory Boards
B. Policy Consultantships
1. National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council
2. National Academy of Engineering
3. Other Organizations
C. Military Service
A. Books
B. Articles and Book Reviews
C. Selected Reports of Research Projects
1. Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia University
2. Bureau of Social Science Research, Washington, D.C.
3. Center for Research on the Acts of Man, The Univ. of Pennsylvania
4. Center for Research on the Acts of Man, A Non-Profit Corporation
5. Center for Research on the Acts of Man-Poverty Resarch Program



Sociologist and Psychologist. B.S. (1947 Mathematics), New York University; M.A. (1950 psychology), Ed.D. (1951 Psychology), Ph.D. (1963 Sociology), Columbia University.


Hebrew (Blibical, Modern), French, Arabic (Classical, Contemporary Literary), Yiddish, Dutch, Spanish, Aramaic (Biblical, Western)


City College of New York (1951-52, 1955-57)
Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1952-53, 1976, 1983)
Columbia University (1957-63)
Union Theological Seminary (1961-63)
University of Pennsylvania (1967-96)
Al-Mansoura University, Egypt (1983)
Muhammad V University, Rabat, (1986)

Clinical Psychologist, Government Mental Hospital, Jerusalem (1954-55). Certified Psychologist, New York State and District of Columbia.

Research Programs:
Ford Foundation Area Research Fellow--Middle East (1953);
Program Director for Columbia University`s Bureau of Applied Social Research Program in Psychiatry, Religion and Alcohol (1956-61);
Research Associate (1961-64), Senior Research Associate (1964-67) and Director of Studies of Behavior Under Stress, Bureau of Social Science Research, Washington, D.C.;
Sociologist-Designer, American Sociological Association-- Sociological Resources for Secondary Schools (1965-67);
Resources for the Future, Washington, D.C. (1967);
Associate, Energy Center, University of Pennsylvania (1971-1989).
Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, (1997)

Executive Secretary, Society for the ScientificStudy of Religion (1964-70); Editor, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (1966);
Acting Director, Albert M. Greenfield Center for Human Relations,University of Pennsylvania (1968-69);
Director University of Pennsylvania--Morgan State College Project 1968-70);
Steering Committee of the University Council (1977-79);
Chairman, Educational Policies Committee, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (1978-79);
Editor, Contemporary Jewry (1978-79);
Director, Center for Research on the Acts of Man (1967-1987);
Chairman for Undergraduate Studies, Department of Sociology, Univeristy of Pennsylvania, 1977-78;
Chairman of Graduate Group, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 1983-85;


American Sociological Association Council-Committee on Environment, American Psychological Association, Eastern Sociological Society, Rural Sociological Society,Association for the Sociological Study of Jewry (President 1975-77). American Association for the Advancement of Science (fellow, member of Council 1965-67), Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (member of Council 1963-64, Vice President (1971-73, editor Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (1972-75), American Academy of Religion (Chairman, Social Science Section 1969-71), Association for the Sociological Study of Jewry, (President,1976)


Advisory Boards:

Professional Board, Institutes of Religion and Health; University of Pennsylvania; Academic Advisory Council, National Foundation for Jewish Culture; Research Council, Ministry Studies Board, National Council of the Churches of Christ; Research Council, Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. Middle East Panel and International Division Executive Committee of The American Friends Service Committee. Animal Research Committee, Hahnemann University Hospital; Center for the Research on the History of American Jewry, Temple University, American Veterans of Israel.

Policy Consultantships:

National Academy of Sciences

Task Force on the Behavioral Sciences Indexing for the National Library of Medicine; Study Team on Outdoor Recreation Research; Study Conference on Research Strategies in the Behavioral and Social Sciences on Environment Problems and Policies; Chairman, Committee on dissertation Research Support in Recreation and Leisure; Committee on the Assessment of Demand for Outdoor Recreation Resources.

National Academy of Engineering

Panel on Environmental Sciences Services Administration Program Benefits; Ad Hoc Panel on Technology Assessment of Subsonic Aircraft Noise; Advisory Committee on Transportation and Community Values; Committee on Transportation (in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation); Chairman, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Impact Program Advisory Committee's Panel on Evaluation of Social, Political and Economic Impacts of Bart; Advisory Committee to Develop a Program of Cooperative International Transportation Energy Research, Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems.

Other Organizations

National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence; U.S. Department of Commerce, Technical Advisory Board, Panel on Noise Abatement; Office of Science and Technology, Solar Energy Panel; U.S.Naval Chaplains School; The Netherlands Ministry of Public Health and Environmental Hygiene; World Health Organization; The Rand Corporation (Nuclear Energy); National Planning Association; City University of New York; The Pennsylvania State University; Brookhaven National Laboratory; National Audubon Society, Battelle Memorial Institute, National Jury Project, Transportation Research Board of National Research Council, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

Military Service:

Air Navigator, United States Army Air Corps (1943-45); Air Navigator, Israel Air Force (Foreign Volunteer Unit) 1948).



Academic Advisory Board, Monell Chemical Senses Center
University Council Steering Committee
University Council Committee on Admissions
Committee on Research
Student Affairs Committee

Faculty Senate Committee on the Faculty
Student Judicial Panel
Faculty Senate Committee on Economic Status of the Faculty
Committee on International Affairs
Commission on Strengthening the Community

School of Arts and Sciences

Committee on Judaic Studies
Personnel Committee
Courses cross listed with Religious Studies
Middle East Studies Major
Committee on Undergraduate Education
Associate, Energy Center
Associate, Middle East Center

School of Fine Arts

Graduate Group in Energy Management and Policy

Department Committees

Executive Committee
Graduate Curriculum Committee
Colloquium Committee
Personnel Committee (served a number of years)

*In addition to administrative mentioned above.


These are research projects for which Samuel Z. Klausner has been "Principal Investigator. The amounts are in round numbers.

1951 Immigrant Absorption in Israel. The Ford Foundation, $5,000

1955 Sheltering Flood Evacuees, National Science Foundation, $30,000

1957 A Study of Ministers and Psychiatrists at the Relgio-Psychiatric Clinic, The American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, $40,000

1960 Self-Management Under Stress, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $50,000

1963 Stress studies: Sport Parachutists and Air Commandos, Air Force Office of Scientific Resarch, $50,000

1965 The Study of Total Societies, American University, $20,000

1966 The Study of Stress-Seeking, American University, $20,000

1967 Social-Psychological Aspects of Environmental Research, Resources for the Future, $7,000

1967 Socio-Historical Study of Child rearing, National Institute of Child Development, NIH (N01-HD-72822), $25,000

1967 Social Secondary Effects of Disability, Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, HEW, $30,000

1968 Work Incentive Program. Department of Labor, Office of Manpower Reserach, (4-04137-3-5321) $99,129

1969 Curricular Innovation in Higher Education. American Council of Learned Societies, (4-04137-4-1169), $23,594

1969 Religious Organizational Response to Population Change in a High Income Area, Har Zion Temple, $16,471

1972 Social Bases of Conceptualization in Science, Commonwealth Fund, $9,800

1972 The Work Incentive Program, Department of Labor, Office of Manpower Reserch (51-42-72-02), $99,987

1973 Services at the Workplace, Department of Labor (21-42-73-07) $103,000

1973 Work and Welfare, Department of Labor, Office of Manpower Research, (51-42-73-05/21-42-74-31), $473,208. (renewals through 1976)

1973 Follow up Panel Study of a synagogue and its Community, Institute for Jewish Policy Research, $18,000

1974 Historical Data on Social impacts of Transitions in Transportations Modes, National Academy of Engineering, $10,193

1976 Social Effects of Government Energy Conservation Policies and Programs. Federal Engergy Administration (CR-04-60588-00), $49,976.

1977 Review of Social Impacts Section of the Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Commercial Waste Management, Battelle Memorial Institute, $1,292

1977 Energy Social Institutions Trajectories Through 2010, National Research Council, $3,650

1977 Social Science Literature Relevant to Transportation System and Their Impact on Society, University of Illinois, $4,500

1978 Impacts of the New York Blackout of 1977, Systems Control, $8,658

1979 Making Adults Economically Independent, Department of Labor (51-42-79-02), $63,385

1979 Executive Summary Report on WIN Department of Labor, (J-9-P-9-0155), $2,100

1979 Social Change and Alcohol Problems on the Alaskan North, Slope, Intersect, Inc. $51,995

1979 Energy, Transport and Society in a Metropolitan Area, Department of Health, Education and Welfare (1R01 MH31094-01A1), $96,344

1980 The Future of the Pharmaceutical industry, Abbott Laboratories, $8,000

1983 Social Aspects of Transportation, National Research Council, $12,000

1982 Foreign Owned Businesses

1985 Jews in the Executive Suite, American Jewish Committee, $10,000

1987 Religion and Race and Executive Mobility, University of Pennsylvania, Research Foundation, $4,800

1991 Apostasy Among American Jews, University of Pennsylvania, Research Foundation, $4,950

1991 Energy and Society, University of Pennsylvania, PARSS Seminar Project, $2,000

1992 Analysis of National Jewish Population Study, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, $5,000

1994 Survey of Attitudes Toward Diversity in the Penn Community, University of Pennsylvania, $4,900


Elective offices and fellowships in professional organizations as mentioned above.

Ford Foundation, Near East Fellow, 1952
H. Paul Douglass Lecturer, ASSR, 1963
Fulbright to Egypt, 1983
Lifetime Achievement Award, ASSJ, 1991
Marshall Sklare Lectureship, 1996



Psychiatry and Religion: A sociological Study of the New Alliance of Ministers and Psychiatrists. New York: Free Press of Glencoe, 1964.

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The Nationalization of the Social Sciences (with Victor Lidz). Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1987.

Succeeding in Corporate America: The Experience of Jewish MBAs. New York: The American Jewish Committee, 1989.

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Selected Reports of Research Projects

* Indicates a monograph report, usually final report of a research project.

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