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Undergraduate Courses

PSYC 149 / BBB 249, Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
(formerly Human Neuropsychology)


Course description:
The study of the neural systems that underlie human perception, memory and language; and of the pathological syndromes that result from damage to these systems. This is a WATU-affiliated course.

Additional information:
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"Hall of Fame Professor" - Course Guide 2001

PSYC 400, Senior Honors Seminar in Psychology


Course description:
All honors students must attend the Senior Honors Seminar. The Honors Seminar is a 0.5 cu course that meets for two semesters (two hours per week).The primary function of the Honors Seminar is to develop the scientific and professional skills of psychology students (in conjunction with their independent research project). Thus, a primary focus of the seminar is the development of skills in critical reading, writing, and public speaking. Other functions of the Honors Seminar include education/career planning and training in ethical practices, research methods, and statistics. Students in theseminar will attend Psychology Department colloquia, followed by a class discussion, to expose them to the variety of excellent research in psychology and to illustrate effective presentation techniques. Finally, another important function of the Honors Seminar is to increase Esprit de Corps among our Honors students, who by spending time together will be able to support and advise one another throughout their senior year.

Additional information:
Honors Program website

"Hall of Fame Professor" - Course Guide 2001

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Undergraduate research opportunities in the area of cognitive neuroscience are available at Penn and nearby institutions. You can volunteer for a research position and/or earn course credit (e.g., PSYC399).

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