Q-Chem Developer Meeting, Philadelphia

August 17-18, 2012


We will host a developer meeting for those involved in the Q-chem electronic structure package on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania August 17-18.  The UPENN chemistry building is about a 20-25 minute walk or  $9 taxi ride away from the Philadelphia convention center (where the ACS meeting is being held...) 

Google map:  http://g.co/maps/3hmgu

The preliminary schedule of events is listed here, and  a list of current participants is here.   The event is free,

but to participate, you must email both JOE SUBOTNIK AND RYAN STEELE (EMAILS BELOW) before July 18,  so we can get a rough head count. After July 18, we cannot guarantee you a spot, but you can still contact us, and we will do our best.

Also let us know: should we add your picture to the developer page (i.e. here... )?

The core topics of the meeting will include:

- Code management (check-in procedures, maintenance, new compilation, etc.)

- Status of major improvements (integral routines, ccman, IQmol)

- Parallelization

- New features needed (including how to balance features with size control)

- Identifying/predicting future development issues

- Planning for Q-chem's future growth with a much larger group of developers

- Policy for Dealing with Funding Agencies

All current and future Q-Chem developers  are invited to come and participate.  

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia and boosting Q-Chem forward for one and all,


Joe Subotnik  (University of Pennsylvania)   (UPENN Departmental Home Page)   

Ryan Steele (University of Utah)                 (UTAH Departmental Home Page)

Note: On Saturday, August 18, there will also be a separate workshop and tutorial for Q-Chem customers on campus during the day.  The registration for that Q-Chem workshop is here:



NEW: We now have housing available for the conference. To reserve a room, you must call UPenn conference services at       


to reserve a room. For more information, click here.