Elsewhere you will find general guides to the two main cities whose restaurants Traister frequents, New York and Philadelphia. In addition, various travel information sources contain information about restaurants, as well as about much else.

Some specific food-related sites that Traister finds useful include:

  1. Zagat

  2. StudioKitchen

  3.'s dining guide

    Some specific Philadelphia restaurants:

  4. Some specific non-Philadelphia (and non-New York) restaurants that have knocked Traister out:

  5.'s restaurant guide; see also The New York Times dining pages and its restaurant guide (reachable through "New York Today")

  6. Charlottesville Dining

  7. Chicago area restaurants; and another (here's Evanston, too)

  8. Boston restaurants

  9. San Francisco

  10. Berkeley

  11. a general guide to restaurants

Some non-restaurant food-related links include those to:

  1. The Electronic Gourmet Guide

  2. Epicurious (Bon Appétit and Gourmet)

  3. Fine foods from south-western France on the Web

  4. The Internet Chef

  5. Great Chefs Online

  6. Chef John Folse and Company (Louisiana cuisine, both Cajun and Creole)

  7. The Food Network's CyberKitchen

  8. Leite's Culinaria

  9. Seabear Smokehouse (Anacortes, WA)

  10. Trader Joe's

  11. SENTENCE: Friends Before Food (Ralph Robert Moore's receipes and food writings)

On general principles, see also:

  1. Applesource (Chapin, IL)

  2. Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams (Madisonville, TN)

  3. The Chile-heads Home Page

  4. The Chocolate Home Page

    1. Wittamer (Brussels)

    2. Leonidas

    3. L. A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates
    4. DeBrand Fine Chocolates
    5. El Eden Handcrafted Chocolates
    6. La Maison du Chocolat
    7. Scharffen Berger
    8. See's Famous Old Time Candies
    9. Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland
    10. Jacques Torres, a.k.a. Mr. Chocolate
    11. Vosges Haut-Chocolate
    12. Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates

    13. Hope springs eternal in the chocolate lover's breast . . .


  6. Baked (359 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 -- Red Hook)

  7. Wendy's Fine Cakes Online (California)

  8. For coffee, Peet's

  9. Graeter's, a highly-recommended ice cream (and candy) source in Cincinnati, Ohio

  10. Salt

  11. White Trash Cafe; see also White Trash Cookin' with Ed

  12. A variety of wine-related sites:

Some more explicitly commercial food sites include:

  1. Campbell Soup Company

  2. General Mills

  3. Interactive Gourmet

  4. Kellogg

  5. Kraft Interactive Kitchen (ummm, Velveeta--yummy in the tummy!)

  6. Nabisco Neighborhood

  7. Pillsbury Central

Special tastes (as it were) might respond warmly to:

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