Here is an extremely interesting report (from The New York Times of December 8, 1996) on the current state of the classical recording industry.

Scholarly conferences in the field of music are listed by the Department of Music at Royal Holloway College, the University of London.


    Other music sites

  1. Andante

  2. Philadelphia

    1. Online Classics

    2. The Philadelphia Orchestra

    3. Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

    4. The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia

    5. Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia)

    6. Kimmell Center (Philadelphia)

    7. Bach Festival of Philadelphia

    8. Philadelphia Music Homepage

    9. Pennsylvania Ballet

  3. New York

    1. New York Philharmonic

    2. The Metropolitan Opera

    3. New York City Opera

    4. Carnegie Hall

    5. Brooklyn Academy of Music

  4. Elsewhere

    1. Opera Festival of New Jersey

    2. Glimmerglass Opera, Cooperstown, NY

    3. Atlanta Symphony

    4. Boston Symphony Orchestra (includes the Tanglewood Festival)

    5. Cleveland Orchestra

    6. Los Angeles Opera

    7. Los Angeles Philharmomnic

    8. UCLA Performing Arts

    9. San Francisco Opera

    10. Santa Fe Opera

    11. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

    12. City of Birmingham Philharmonic

    13. Scottish Opera

    14. Opéra National de Lyon

    15. Vienna State Opera

    16. La Scala, Milan

    17. Verona Opera

    18. Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona)

    19. Classical London

  5. Others

    1. Anonymous 4

    2. Bach; see also J.S. Bach Archive and Bibliography

    3. Beethoven

    4. Leonard Bernstein (in death, as in life, Lenny remains a profit center)

    5. Pierre Boulez's IRCAM

    6. Alfred Brendel

    7. Robert Craft

    8. The Hilliard Ensemble

    9. Kronos Quartet ("official site"); and another Kronos Quartet website ("unofficial site"), the latter maintained, for inexplicable reasons, at Northwestern University's website, as is Cecilia Bartoli's website

    10. Mahler

    11. Mozart

    12. Schoenberg and Arnold Schönberg Center

    13. The Schubert Institute

    14. Schumann

    15. Arturo Toscanini: The Recorded Legacy

    16. Hannu Salmi (Department of Cultural History, University of Turku, Finland) maintains the Richard Wagner Archive, devoted to --hot dog! -- "the most German of men":

      Da kam die Burschenschaft dran. Da ward der Tugendbund gestiftet. Alles so phantastisch, dass kein Mensch es begreifen konnte. Aber ich hab' es begriffen. Jetzt begreift mich kein Mensch: ich bin der deutscheste Mensch, ich bin der deutsche Geist. Fragt den unvergleichlichen Zauber meiner Werke, haltet sie mit allem übrigen zusammen: Ihr könnt für jetzt nichts anderes sagen, als--es ist deutsch. Aber was ist dieses Deutsche? Es muss doch etwas wunderbares sein, denn es ist menschlich schöner als alles Übrige?--O Himmel! sollte ich mein Volk finden können! Welch herrliches Volk müsste das werden? Nur diesem Volke könnte ich aber angehören.

      Richard Wagner, Das Braune Buch. Tagebuchaufzeichnungen 1865 bis 1882. Vorgelegt und kommentiert von Joachim Bergfeld (Zürich 1975), p. 86.

    17. Baroque On

    18. Classical music

    19. Classical Net

    20. Music Resources on the Internet: General, Classical, and Jazz (Shirley E. Kaiser)

    21. Classical Music on the Net

    22. Princeton's Gregorian Chant site; and another site devoted to early music, the Early Music FAQ site

    23. WWFM, the "Classical Network" from Mercer County Community College (Trenton, NJ), who wittily broadcast good programming (including the Metropolitan Opera) just below the threshold of audibility in west Philly and its northern suburbs from both Trenton (89.1) and Philadelphia (107.9)

    24. WRTI -- is a half-classical (daytime)/half-jazz (nighttime) hybrid operated by Temple University. Better than nothing, yes -- but real cities need both classical and jazz stations fulltime. WRTI used to be all-jazz, and welcome as such. The city still needs it, as it needs a full-time classical station (accessible through more than "high-definition radio."

    25. WPRB (103.3, Princeton University's sometimes classical radio station)

    26. Marvin Rosen's Classical Discoveries, a WPRB program, has its own website

    27. The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music (Johns Hopkins University)

    28. Enemies of Classical Music (Matthew B. Tepper)

    29. St. Paul Sunday

    30. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Carton, this one's for you)

    31. As weird sites go, Uluru is pretty weird.

    Musical humor

    1. Viola jokes are apparently the musician's equivalent of Polish jokes, North Dakota jokes, blonde jokes, and so forth: see viola jokes.

    2. See also Andrew Levin's List of Conductor Jokes and Dave Gold's Amusements and Trivia

    3. V.P.O. über alles
          this link is for gendered musical humor and should be checked only if you are terminally mordant. Here you will find the transcript of a group interview which would be very nearly unbelievable . . . were it not immediately and totally believable. Mr. ----- --------- quick-wittedly recognized the genuinely idiotic (Traister is trying hard here to avoid alternative words that do leap to mind: words, for example, like "despicable")--and eagerly shared it: for this relief, much thanks.

          (As of February 1997, this gender-based exclusionary policy was allegedly altered with the appointment to full membership in the Orchestra of a harpist who had already served for more the 26 years in a "part-time" appointment, and who was also (or, after all those years, so one assumes) unlikely to cause any uproar by engaging in practices so downright low and loathesome as [yuck] gestation at work, and who was in addition rumored to be contemplating "retirement" as soon as the V.P.O. returned from a tour of mongrel countries unsympathetic to its normal hieratic standards and practices. Such is the pace of progress in our time.)

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