God's Country

The Internet makes accessible many sources of information aboutNew York City.
(C'mon: did you really not know?)

1970 - September 11, 2001

New York resources include:

  1. a decent basic guide to the City from Columbia University, a Guide to New York Resources

  2. Several additional guides can be treated as "supplements" to Columbia's, among them:

  3. Then there are the newspapers:

  4. And the magazines . . .

  5. The November 1999 PBS broadcast of Ric Burns and Lisa Ades' New York: A Documentary Film has a website.

  6. Gotham at 100 is the Winter 1998 (vol. 6, no. 3) issue of culturefront online, with a number of articles relevant to New Yorkophiles

  7. City Sites: New York / Chicago ("Multimedia essays on New York and Chicago, 1870s-1930s") is well worth a visit (the site is a subset of Three Cities: New York / Chicago / Los Angeles ("Literary and visual representations of three American cities, 1870s-1930s"), a project based in the UK at the Universities of Nottingham and Birmingham

  8. More specialized guides to New York include:

Among additional New York-related sites, Traister finds these of interest:

In closing:

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