These papers are here for anyone who would like to read them. Traister would, however, be grateful if you did not use them without letting him know about it. If you foresee using them in some way, please send a message to explaining what you'd like to do. Remember: but for a very few exceptions that are all specifically noted, these texts are drafts.

  1. "'You Must Remember This . . . '; or, Libraries as a Locus of Cultural Memories"

  2. Two related papers, although both are emphatically NOT in final form, can also be found here:

  3. academic theory and special collections librarianship

  4. A polemical essay about rare book librarianship is now in print.

  5. "Teaching the History of Books and Printing" (presented at the July 1999 SHARP annual meeting)

  6. "Among School Children" (talk at an undergraduate honors student dinner)

  7. "James Tanis" (talk at Bryn Mawr College on the retirement of Director of Libraries James R. Tanis)

  8. "Noticing Howard Fast"

  9. An essay on the Horace Howard Furness Memorial [Shakespeare] Library at the University of Pennsylvania Library:

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