University of Pennsylvania

Spring 2002

  1. 14 January
    Round table


  3. 28 January
    Jocelyn Penny Small
    (Rutgers University)

  4. 4 February
    Ramie Targoff

  5. 7 February -- OF RELATED INTEREST -- 5 PM
    Jordan Penkower
    (Bar-Ilan University)

  6. 11 February
    Dan Sheerin
    (Notre Dame)

  7. 18 February
    Robert Kraft and Ann Matter
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  8. 25 February
    Roger Chartier and Peter Stallybrass
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  9. 4 March
    Fernando Bouza

  10. 11 March -- NO MEETING -- SPRING BREAK

  11. 18 March
    Trish Loughran
    (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  12. 25 March
    Ann Blair

  13. 1 April -- NO MEETING -- EASTER MONDAY

  14. 8 April
    Michael Ryan, Lynne Farrington
    (University of Pennsylvania)
      "Canvassing Books: A Practicum in 19th-century American Book Selling" -- LEA

  15. 9, 10, and 11 April


    Nicholas Barker (Editor, The Book Collector) -- The 2002 Rosenbach Lectures

      "'Things Not Reveal'd:' The Mutual Impact of Form and Idea on the Transmission of Poetry, 1500-2002" -- the Class of '55 Room (second floor of Van Pelt), 5:30 PM

  16. 15 April
    Megan Williams
    (Center for Advanced Judaic Studies)
      "The Technology of the Codex: From Origen to Jerome" -- LEA

  17. 29 April 22
    Round table (continued)
      "Wax Tablets and Erasable Texts: From Plato to Freud's Magic Writing Pad" -- HF

    A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Fall 2001 semester follows:

    1. 10 September
      Peter Stallybrass
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "The Materiality of Writing"

    2. 17 September
      Joseph Farrell
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Rolls versus Codices, Bodily versus Vegetable Form and Other Bookish Antitheses"

    3. 24 September
      Katherine Rowe
      (Bryn Mawr College)
        "Early Modern Hand Work"

    4. 1 October
      Maurice Samuels
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "The Spectacular Text: Wood Engraving and Illustrated Historiography in Nineteenth-Century France"

    5. 8 October
      Ann Moyer
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Texts, Artifacts, Inscriptions: A Renaissance Debate on Research Methods and Materials"

    6. 15 October
      Aditya Behl
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Poet of the Bazaars: Nazir Akbarabadi, 1735--1830"

    7. 22 October
      Ruth Luborsky
      (Philadelphia, PA)
        "Putting the Pictures Back in the Book: Looking at Holinshed's Illustrated Chronicles"

    8. 29 October
      Leah Price
      (Harvard University)
        "The Size of the Novel"

    9. 5 November
      Noam Flinker
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "English Poems Made from Biblical Texts: William Baldwin's Canticles, or Balades of Salomon (1549)"

    10. 12 November
      Larry Scanlon
      (Rutgers University)
        "A Textual History of Sodom"

    11. 19 November
      Stefan Reif
      (Cambridge University)
        "The Cairo Geniza and Two of its 'Discoverers': Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Gibson, Two Women Orientalists in Victorian Times"

        This is the 16th Annual Joseph Alexander Colloquium, co-sponsored with Jewish Studies. NOTE CHANGED LOCATION: CAROLYN-HOFF LYNCH ROOM, FIRST FLOOR, CHEMISTRY BUILDING, 231 SOUTH 34TH STREET

    12. 26 November
      Jennifer Thompson
      (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
        "Peter of Poitiers' Genealogy of Christ: A Study Aid for Poor Students?"

    13. 3 December
      Nigel Smith
      (Princeton University)
        "Creating a Bad Impression: Books and Radicalism in Early Modern England"

    14. 10 December
      Emma Dillon
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "The Sense of Sound: Devotional Designs in the Montpellier Codex"

    A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Spring 2001 semester follows:

    1. 23 January
      David Szewczyk
      (Philadelphia Rare Books and Manuscripts)
        "Problems in 16th-Century Mexican Printing and Book History"

    2. 29 January
      Moustafa Bayoumi
      (Department of English, Brooklyn College, CUNY)
        "Faithful to the Text: Africans in the Americas and New World Arabic Writing"

    3. 5 February
      Cristle Judd
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Hearing with the Eyes, Seeing with the Ears: Musical Composition, Theory, and Print Culture in the Sixteenth Century"

    4. 12 February
      Robert Perelman
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Pound's Legibility: Pedagogy and/or Initiation"

    5. 19 February
      Roger Chartier
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Don Quixote in the Printshop"

    6. 26 February
      Stephen Campbell
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Bronzino and Counter-Reformation Comedy"

    7. 5 March -- SNOW CANCELLATION
      Shane Butler
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Dhuoda and Medusa"

    8. 12 March -- SPRING BREAK -- NO MEETING

    9. 19 March
      Sean Keilen
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        ""The Coinage of the Brain: Numismatic Books in the 16th Century"

    10. 26 March
      Paul Saenger
      (The Newberry Library)
        "The Origins of the Modern Mode of Citation"

    11. 2 April
      Max Cavitch
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Interiority and Artifact: Death and Self-Inscription in Early America"

    12. 9 April
      Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
      (University of Michigan, emerita)
        "The Two-Faced Printer: Some Representations of the Craft and its Practitioners"

    13. 16 April
      Jim Kearney
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "The Cut of the Letter: Donne's 1633 Poems and the Hermeneutics of Circumcision"

    14. 23 April
      Marvin Taylor
      (Bobst Library, New York University)
        "'I'll Be Your Mirror, Reflect What You Are': Postmodern Documentation and the NYC Avant-garde 1975-1995"

    15. 30 April
      Emma Dillon
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Designing Devotion: Reading and Hearing the Old French Motet"

    A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Fall 2000 semester follows:

    1. 11 September
      Emily Steiner
      (University of Pennsylvania)
        "Medieval Allegory and the Material Text: The Case of the Legal Document"

    2. 18 September
      Talia Schaffer
      (Queens College-CUNY)
        "The’'Industrious Fair': Reading the Victorian Domestic Handicraft"

    3. 25 September
      Jacob Soll
        "Textual Subversion: Amelot de La Houssaie and the Print Practices of Criticism in France 1670-1700"

    4. 2 October
      Steve McCaffery
      (York, Canada) -- NOTE ROOM CHANGE: Bennett Hall 222
        on two Yorkshiremen's rescenscions of one canonical text, Paradise Lost

    5. 3 October -- NOTE DAY CHANGE: TUESDAY
      Bruce Holsinger
      (University of Colorado)
        "The Singing Bull: Liturgical Cultures and Vernacular Writing in Premodern England"

    6. 9 October
      Cannon Schmitt
      (Duke University)
        "The Anachronistic Geographies of Greater Britain: Charles Kingsley's At Last"

    7. 16 October
      Rebecca Zorach
      (Mellon Fellow, Penn)

    NOTE DAY CHANGES AND ROOM CHANGE: Class of '55 Room, second floor, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

  18. Malachi Beit-Arié (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
      "Unveiled Faces of Medieval Hebrew Books: The Evolution of Manuscript Production"
      1. 18 October [WEDNESDAY]: "Technical Evolution: Ruling Manuscripts"
      2. 19 October [THURSDAY]: "Copying Dynamics: Line Management"
      3. 23 October [MONDAY]: "Structural Transparency of Copied Texts

  19. 25 October -- NOTE DAY CHANGE: WEDNESDAY;
    ROOM CHANGE: History Lounge, Room 329-A, 3401 Walnut Street;
    TIME CHANGE: 4:30 P.M.
    Carla Hesse
    (University of California, Berkeley)
      "Women into Print: 1750-1820"

  20. 30 October
    David Halperin
    (University of Michigan)
      "Gay Identity and Its Discontents"

  21. 6 November
    William Germano
      on publishing academic books

  22. 13 November
    Patrick Cheney
    (Pennsylvania State University)
      "Shakespeare's Material History of the Spenserian Book: Sonnet 106"

  23. 20 November
    Lauren Shohet
    (Villanova University)
      "The Irish Masque at Court and in Print"

  24. 27 November
    Susan Lanser
    (University of Maryland)
      "Sapphic Subjects and the Engendering of Enlightenment"

  25. 4 December
    David Ruderman
    (University of Pennsylvania)
      "Biblical Authority, Political Dissent, and the Formation of Modern Jewish Culture in 18th Century England"

  26. 11 December

A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Spring 2000 semester follows:

  1. 17 January
    Roger Chartier

  2. 24 January
    Rebecca Bushnell, Michael Ryan, Brett Wilson
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  3. 31 January -- NO MEETING

  4. 7 February
    Michael L. Wilson
    (University of Texas, Dallas)

  5. 14 February
    Drew Faust
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  6. 21 February
    Ora Limor
    (Open University, Israel)

  7. 28 February
    Galit Hasan-Rokem
    (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

  8. 6 March
    Paula McDowell
    (University of Maryland)

  9. 13 March -- SPRING BREAK -- NO MEETING

  10. 20 March
    Farah Griffin
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  11. 27 March
    Fiona Kisby

  12. 3 April
    Michael Phillips
    (University of York, England)

  13. 10 April
    Penny Marcus
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  14. 17 April -- NO MEETING

  15. 24 April
    Jessie Owens
    (Brandeis University)

A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Fall 1999 semester follows:

  1. 13 September
    David Espey
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  2. 20 September

  3. 27 September
    James P. Dankey
    (State Historical Society of Wisconsin; University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    Rescheduled from last February 22nd.

  4. 4 October
    Peter Stallybrass
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  5. 11 October
    Benjamin Elman
    (Mellon Visiting Professor, School of Historical Studies, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton)

  6. 18 October

  7. 25, 26, 27, 28 October
    Randall McLeod
    (University of Toronto)

  8. 1 November
    Tim Powell
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  9. 8 November
    Peter DeCherney
    (New York University)

  10. 15 November
    Alexandra Halasz
    (Dartmouth College)

    22 November
    David Katz
    (Tel Aviv University)

  12. 29 November
    Elaine Freedgood
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  13. 6 December
    Laurie Shannon
    (Duke University)

A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Spring 1999 semester follows:

  1. 11 January
    James J. O'Donnell
    (University of Pennsylvania)

  2. 18 January
    Terry P. Dolan
    (University College, Dublin)

  3. 25 January
    Charles Bernstein
    (SUNY-Buffalo) and Susan Bee (illustrator)

  4. 1 February
    Janet Sorenson
    (Indiana University)

  5. 8 February
    Christopher Baswell
    (Barnard College)

  6. 15 February
    Martha Woodmansee
    (Case Western Reserve University)

  7. 22 February
    James P. Danky
    (Newspapers and Periodicals Librarian, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and Co-director, Center for the History of Print Culture, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    This talk was CANCELLED.

  8. 1 March
    Trish Loughran
    (University of Chicago and Fellow, McNeil Center for American Studies)

  9. 8 March

  10. 15 March
    Michael Gamer

  11. 22 March

  12. 29 March
    Margaret Bent
    (All Souls College, University of Oxford)

  13. 5 April
    Neil Saccamano
    (Columbia University)

  14. 12 April
    Jay Fliegelman
    (Stanford University)

  15. 19 April
    Barbara Harlow
    (University of Texas at Austin)

A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Fall 1998 semester follows:

  1. September 14

  2. September 21

  3. September 28

  4. October 5

  5. October 12

  6. October 19

  7. October 26

  8. November 2

  9. November 9

  10. November 16

  11. November 23

  12. November 30

  13. December 7

A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Sping 1998 semester follows:

  1. January 19
    David Stern (University of Pennsylvania)
    "The First Jewish Readers of the Bible"

  2. January 26
    Dan Raff (University of Pennsylvania)
    "The Book Trade"

  3. February 2
    Rita Barnard (University of Pennsylvania)
    " BITTERKOMIX: Notes from the Post-Apartheid Underground"

  4. February 9
    Londa Schiebinger (Pennsylvania State University)
    "Lost Knowledge, Bodies of Ignorance, and the Poverty of Taxonomy as Illustrated by the Curious Fate of Flos Pavonis, an Abortifacient"

  5. February 16
    Meredith McGill (Rutgers University)
    "Thinking Reprinting"

  6. February 23
    Randall McLeod (Erindale College, University of Toronto)
    "Material Differences"

  7. March 2
    Deborah Sanford and Greg Schirm(House of Our Own Bookstore, Philadelphia)
    "The Past and Future of the Independent Bookstore"

  8. March 9

  9. March 16
    Matthew Rowlinson (Dartmouth College)
    "Fiction and Accomodation: Walter Scott's Bills"

  10. March 23
    Armando Maggi (University of Pennsylvania)
    POSTPONED (memorial service for Professor Charles Bernheimer); to be rescheduled for fall semester 1998.

  11. March 30
    Nancy Hoffman (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Textualizing Travel in the 18th Century"

  12. April 6
    Seth Cotlar (Northwestern University)
    "Newspaper Reading and Trans-Atlantic Radicalism in the 1790s"

  13. April 13
    Greg Nagy (Harvard University)
    "The Library of Pergamon"

  14. April 20

    Ralph Rosen (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Callias' Letter Show and Greek Concepts of Literacy"

  15. April 21
    Roger Chartier (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris)

  16. April 27
    Jonathan Dollimore (Sussex University)

A record of the Seminar's meetings during the Fall 1997 semester follows:

  1. September 8
    Peter Stallybrass (University of Pennsylvania)
    [on speech prefixes in early editions of Shakespeare's plays and what they tell us about the period's dramatic concept of character/personality]

  2. September 15
    Dan White (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Godwin's Politics and Print Culture during the 1790s"

  3. September 22
    Ann Kuttner (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Text as Image: Transformations in Late Roman Art"

  4. September 29
    Jeffrey Masten (Harvard University)
    "The Interpretation of Dreams, ca. 1610"

  5. October 6
    David Scott Kastan (Columbia University)
    "The Vehemence of Novelty: The English Bible in Henrician England"

  6. October 13

  7. October 20
    Harry Mathews (Paris and New York)
    . . . talking informally about his work and about the OULIPO

  8. October 27
    Ruth Luborsky (Philadelphia)
    "The Illustrations to the Tudor Editions of Foxe's Actes and Monuments: Flux and Consistency"

  9. November 3
    G. Thomas Tanselle (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation)
    "The Bibliographical Analysis of Book Design"

  10. November 10
    Nancy Vickers (Bryn Mawr College)
    [images of body parts]

  11. November 17
    Cristle Judd (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Reading Theorists Reading (Music): Thoughts on 16th-Century Music Print Culture"

  12. November 24
    James N. Green (The Library Company of Philadelphia)
    "Circulating Books"

  13. December 1
    Paul J. Korshin (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Toward A Cultural History of the Recipe"

  14. December 8
    Jay Grossman (Amherst College/Harvard University)
    "Whitman's Little Blue Book"

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