Real people

  1. An author and another view: see this link

  2. A reporter

  3. A reporter and her brother, young

  4. A reporter and her brother, older

  5. A reporter on the phone, young

  6. A future food writer

  7. A young man and his bride cutting one of their wedding cakes

  8. Some years later, an internal view of one product of their wedding

  9. A movie director taking off his coat at the warm 22 March 2003 anti-Iraq War protest in New York City (and thus hiding his wife's equally determined face)

  10. A Dog and Her People and another view of the same

Fake people; or jokes (or both)

  1. a disgustingly disrespectful parody cover of a major United States newsmagazine and an un-, later barely-, elected U.S. President

  2. a related parody advertisement featuring the same U.S. President

  3. a Mad Magazine view of this U.S. President

  4. another view of this U.S. President (to whose intellectual acumen it does too much credit)

  5. Tom Tomorrow's view of the 2000 U.S. un-election and its resolution

  6. Curious George

  7. A Philadelphia movie views the U.S. President through a glass darkly

  8. a surprising Christmas gift

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