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This is a site for information about Lori Berenson, currently imprisoned in Peru on a life sentence for subversion despite very strong evidence that her trial was unfair. Prison conditions in Peru are notoriously grim. This is a person who needs help from concerned citizens willing to write Congresspersons and other potentially influential people who allege their deep and abiding concern for the safety of Americans abroad. (North Korea is not the only country that imprisons Americans.)

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  5. Dmitry Moor (1919), "Proletarians of all countries, unite!"

    The Chairman Smiles--Posters from the Soviet Union, Cuba and China

    For the terminally optimistic--those who not only believe they will read your mail but also that, at least in most cases, they can do so should they so choose--here are websites through which you can reach members of the United States's:

    It might be worth writing to them about Lori Berenson (at the top of this page).

    On 23 December 1996, Traister wrote here that "it might also amuse you to contact them about such ethereal matters as the--can you believe this word?--'ethics' of Newt Gingrich and his rights to retain the Speakership of the House of Representatives. (Where is Jim Wright now that we need him?)"--thus demonstrating, backhandedly, his own unquenchably stupid optimism. Voting to retain The Honorable Mr. Gingrich as Speaker was Traister's very own Representative, The Honorable Mr. John Fox (R-PA), a person once distinguished by The Chicago Tribune--and rightly, since surely he can be distinguished for nothing else, unless Sander Gilman's eye should happen to fall upon him as he prepares a second edition of his recent publication, Smart Jews--as the proud possessor of the worst hairpiece in American politics.

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