Sites listed here are entirely miscellaneous. They reflect only what Traister has bumped into that also interests him (or that he imagines might interest him at some unspecified future date). For more shopping sites, see also his pages for books and music--the Traister Government's Two Basic Shopping Groups--and also for food and theater (seconds, but close seconds).


From Laurie J. Flynn, "Malls and Stores Find New Outlets in Cyberspace," The New York Times (December 5, 1996), p. C2:
Though no credit card transaction is entirely secure, cyberstore owners and industry analysts are quick to point out [and theirs, no doubt, is an entirely objective view, don't you think?] that the risk of fraud on the Internet is no higher than when you give your credit card number over the phone or hand your card to a salesclerk. . . .

To insure your card information is encoded, however, you must make sure the Web browser you are is a "secure" one, meaning it supports the coding standard for making transactions. The current versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer, the most popular browsers, use what is called Secure Socket Layer technology, affording transactions the highest level of security possible on the Internet.

And if you are still wary of sending your credit card number off into the ether, you can usually find an "800" number on the store's Web site and call or fax in your order.

In other words, use these sites with some thought.

  • Brooks Brothers

  • Classic England

  • Cybertown

  • F. A. O. Schwarz

  • Internet Mall

  • L. L. Bean

  • Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Talbots

  • Green Design Furniture (Portland, Maine)

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