1. At the University of Pennsylvania, Traister has taught a number of classes, including the following:

  1. BANG! Tales from Modern Physics, the 1994 version of a course on representations of the Manhattan Project

  2. It was more chastely-entitled for a 1997 version, Nuclear Fictions . . .

  3. . . . and here is the 2000 version of Nuclear Fictions

  4. Academic Li(v)es -- Summer 1995

  5. Writing the American West -- Fall 1995

  6. Topics in Shakespeare: Old Shakespeares, New Shakespeares -- Summer 1996

  7. Jane Austen and the Political Novel -- Fall 1996

  8. Renaissance Drama: Drama of the Tudor and Stuart Periods -- Fall 1998

  9. Shakespeare's Histories and Comedies -- Spring 1998

  10. An online course called Re-Reading Shakespeare -- Fall 1999

  11. Seventeenth-Century Poetry: Donne to Milton -- Fall 1999

  12. Experiences of War in the Twentieth Century (jointly with Michael Ryan) -- Spring 1999

  13. Living Books, Dead Books -- (freshman seminar) Fall 2000

  14. Science & Literature (1500-1800) -- Fall 2001

  15. Topics in Spenser and Milton -- Spring 2001

  16. Imagining Scotland -- Spring 2002

  17. The Idea of a University -- (freshman seminar) Spring 2002

  18. Poetry by the Book, 1557-1645 (Topics in Renaissance Poetry) (jointly with Sean Keilen)-- Fall 2002

  19. The Perfectibility of Man in Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Writing -- Fall 2003

  20. Jewish American Fiction -- Fall 2004

  21. Major British Writers 1350-1660 -- Spring 2004

  22. Methods of Research for Early Modernists (jointly with Roger Chartier, Joan Dejean, Michael Ryan, Peter Stallybrass, Bethany Wiggin, et al.) -- Spring 2004

  23. Drama to 1660 -- Fall 2006

    In addition, Traister has, singly and (with Michael Ryan) jointly, taught several versions of courses on the History of Books and Printing:

  24. One concentrates on the hand-press period and is directed at graduate students -- Fall 1989

  25. It has an analogue directed at undergraduates -- Fall 1996

  26. Another concentrates on the machine press period and is directed at undergraduates; its Spring 1997 version looks like this

  27. A fourth is called "Topics in the History of Books and Printing." Here are its Spring 1995 . . .

  28. . . . and its Spring 2000 iterations. This class is directed mainly at graduate students, concentrates on the hand-press period, and refers to Traister's History of Books and Printing links.

    Some "special topics" -- subsets -- of this general interest include:

  29. Bestsellers: Popular Fictions from the Greeks to Grisham (taught jointly with Michael Ryan)--Spring 1997

  • Non-credit courses, at Penn or elsewhere
    1. Introduction to Rare Book Librarianship is a summer course Traister taught for many years, first jointly with John Parker (of the James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota) at Columbia University from 1983 on, later singly at the University of Virginia's Rare Book School. He taught this class for the last time in 2000.

    2. During the summer of 1999, Michael Ryan and Traister again jointly taught a course at Rare Book School. In 1997, that course looked like this: "Teaching the History of Books and Printing". Here are the 1997 Suggested Readings. Its 1999 incarnation looks like this:

    3. Collecting Rare Books is a non-credit introduction to book collecting that Traister sometimes teaches at Penn's College of General Studies.

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