Travel resources

The world that so attracts travellers to visit its far-flung parts once looked like this:

. . . or it did so, at any rate, to Oronce Finé.

An important basic resource for travellers is the universal currency converter.

Maps can also be useful:

  1. Mapquest

  2. The World Factbook (from the CIA; maps and more)

  3. (maps and more)

  4. University of Connecticut Magic

  5. Rand-McNally

  6. Relatedly, for those who drive, U. S. Speed Traps

  7. The Perry-Castaneda Library (UT-Austin) Map Collection

  8. USGS National Mapping Information

  9. US Census Bureau Data Access Tools

  10. National Imagery and Mapping Agency

  11. Hunter College (CUNY) Terrain Analysis Home Page

Other informational resources include:

  1. Age of Reason's travel sites ("sites of interest to the over 50 age group")

  2. Best Read Guide America

  3. Epicurious

  4. Fine Travel Magazine


  6. How far is it?,'s distance service

  7. Fodor's, which offers a Personal Trip Planner

  8. Literary Traveler

  9. Lonely Planet

  10. Pathfinder's travel sites

  11. Planet Earth Home Page

  12. Preview Travel

  13. Library

  14. Roadside America

  15. 50

  16. The Subway Page: Links to World Subway and Other Transportation Information Resources

  17. Virtual Tourist

  18. Web of Culture

  19. Yahoo's travel sites

  20. Bed & Breakfast Inns Online


Also generally useful are Traister's food and restaurant guides and guides to art museums.

More specific sources of information include:

  • United States of America

  • "Abroad"

  • Travel aids

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