The  C.A.R.E. Program headquarters and field sites

Our headquarters are located in the city of Formosa, capital of the northern province of Formosa.

Contact information:
Programa CARE
Barrio Gral. San Martin

Casa 100
Ciudad de Formosa (3600)
Provincia de Formosa -- Argentina
Phone: 54-3717-423-609

Flor lapacho
The Toba communities of Sombrero Negro (Comlaje'pi Naleua)

A population of approximately 1600 western Toba (or toba-pilagá) people distributed in 3 main villages and 7 minor settlements on a 35,000-ha land located at 550 Km West of the city of Formosa. These people rely on a combination of foraged items (hunting, gathering, and fishing), some horticulture (mainly a variety of squashes, watermelons, and some corn) and store bought food (mainly wheat flour, rice, sugar and oil).
Carrying firewood El Mistolar
Pozo Sargento women   The Wichí of Pozo de Maza

A population of approximately 600 Wichí people distributed in one main village and 3 or 4 minor settlements and living on fiscal land at 500 Km West of the city of Formosa. Hunting and gathering is still practiced during some months of the year, supplemented by store bought items.
The Toba of Namqom

A Toba peri-urban village located 11 km north of the city of Formosa.  Namqom has a population of approximately 2800 people, distributed in a 100 ha area.  The first Toba families established in this peri-urban village in the early 1970’s and the village has experienced a rapid population growth.  All families are below the poverty line and they rely mainly on temporary jobs and on government subsidies. 
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Toba NQ The Toba of Resistencia

A Toba urban settlement located in the city of Resistencia, the capital of the province of Chaco.  These Toba are distributed in two main barrios of approximately 800 people each.  As the Toba of Namqom, they do not forage anymore and rely on temporary jobs and subsidies for their subsistence.