Welcome to my homepage

I'm currently PostDoc at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA. To find me try one of those ways.

Since there is sometimes confusion, I am the physicist Volker Braun, and not the east german writer. And there is also another high-energy physicist V. M. Braun, which i am also not.


No teaching this semester! Maybe you are looking for historic records?


Computer related projects

Sometimes I waste my precious time with computers.


Aoinagi karate at UPenn, friendly and non-contact.


Digital is the way to go - no chemicals and instant review. My first camera was Kodak's DC215. Quite a beast, without any focussing. The next generation was the Canon Powershot S40, which produces quite reasonable results. Then I took the step to a Canon 300D digital SLR. The photos are nicer, although I do miss the portability of a P&S camera. Today I am using a Canon 20D.

Find other places with my homepage. Since "Volker Braun" is too common for Google & al. here is a unique string: aTmEDnY to search for.