Diary of Econ 244, Spring 20

4. Jan 29

We finish solving the model with perfect borrowing. We looked at borrowing constraints. I talk about balanced growth preferences and the nice properties of log (unit independent). We discuss bankruptcy and some properties of the U.S. bankruptcy code. We start looking at the general equilibrium model. (slide 59)

3. Jan 27

I continued the two period model with the constraints, the first order conditions and discussed the guarantee of a unique solution. I go onto the graphic description of the problem and performed comparative statics exploring the response of choices to changes in endowments and interest rates. (page 47)

2. Jan 22

I finish with the facts (state and local, cyclical behavior, debt). I start the two period model with the description of the objective function. (slide 30).

1. Jan 15

We go over the rules of the course and some of the facts of the U.S. Federal sector (slide 17).

Author: José Víctor Ríos Rull

Created: 2020-01-27 Mon 16:02