Econ 244, Spring 2020
José Víctor Ríos Rull

Adjustments of this Course to Coronavirus Crisis

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Homework 2 Available in Canvas Due Wed Apr 1

Grades Distribution

Homework: out of 220 points. mean= 211, median= 215.5, st dev = 10.6. In percentages, (96%, 98%, 5%).

Midterm: out of 150 points. mean= 105, median= 113.5, st dev= 25.2. In percentages (70%, 76%, 16.8%).

Slides for the main part

Slides in Handout format for the main part

Lecture Notes Main part

Gokhale’s (2013): Spending Beyond Our Means

Very Short Description of Generational Accounting

Hassler and Krusell (2015): The Climate and the Economy

Slides for corrective Taxation (Pigou Taxes)

Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celsius (IPCC)

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