Econ 704, Spring 2020
Adjusted to the Coronavirus Crisis
José Víctor Ríos Rull

Course Information

Midterm on Mon Apr 20. One and a half hours. If you are in a remote time zone and want to take at a different time check with Ricardo

The final would be a 24 hour open book take-home on from 9am May 11 to 9 am May 12,

Some Slides I have developed and I am using for parts of this course

Diary of classes

Videos of Lectures

Zoom Meetings on class days: CLick here It also works for office hours


Lecture Notes To be posted a little after the lecture but it will not change much from previous years.

Lecture Notes of 2019 (by Ricardo)

Lecture Notes of 2018 (by Jinfeng)

Lecture Notes of 2017 (by Omer)

Lecture Notes of 2016 (by Sumedh)

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