Syllabus for 712, 2022, Jose Víctor Ríos Rull pshields.png Topics in Quantitative Macroeconomics: Labor, Health & Family

Course Description

Grading Rules and Registration

Course Plan

We start talking about a general household life cycle model of the Aiyagari type and set in there some of the main ingredients of the course.

Labor choice in the presence of

  • labor shocks
  • human capital accumulation
  • Crime possibilities

What is health?

  • why it matters
  • How to think of it
  • Disability

What is a family

  • How to think of it: Who chooses what
  • How is it formed and destroyed

I will ask about unobserved heterogeneneity

Various Topics to Cover

  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Disability (moral hazard insurance)
  • Health and Death Inequality

Possible papers to present are

  • Lise Restud

    But you are free to present whatever you want.

Possible Topics that are related to my work and we can talk about are

Other Topics to discuss (not necessarily related to my work)

  • How to think of a family versus an individual. We can discus how decisions are made within families and how families shapes preferences. We can talk about various features of family models. How to pose preferences, how to pose bequests, what is the meaning of complete markets.

  • I can talk about how to extract information from life insurance data. We started discussing endogenous family formation.

  • We can talk of new models of migration.

  • The Fall of Labor Share

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