August 16-18, 2013


Three Kinds of Internalism

Rachael Brown

Evolution and Moral Realism

Kim Sterelny

Awareness of Self and Others? Behavioral Evidence for Consciousness in Octopuses

David Scheel

Music and Co-evolution: How Useful is the Standard Set of Distinctions to the Debate?

Anton Killin

Microbes First! Why Philosophers Should Start With Microbes

Maureen O'Malley

Causation in Evolution: Drawing the Map and Calibrating the Compass

Patrick Forber

Moral Evolution, Progress, and Realism

Ben Fraser

The Curse of the Case Study

Adrian Currie



Anton Killin, Daniela Helbig, Adam Hochman, Karl Rollings, Patrick Forber, Stephan Kubicki, Kim Shaw-William, Brett Calcott, Lindell Bromham, Benjamin Fraser, Ivan Gonzalez-Cabrera, Rachael Brown, Adrian Currie, Pierrick Bourrat, Isobel Ronai, Maureen O'Malley, Kim Sterelny, Brant Pridmore, Christopher Lean, Jessica Isserow, Wesley Fang, Paul Griffiths, Karola Stotz, Richard Menary, David Scheel, Dominic Murphy, Peter Godfrey-Smith, John Wilkins, Kirsty Douglas, David Kalkman, Norman Hammel