SAS Web & Email Kiosks

Kiosk computers are located in the common spaces of many SAS buildings. You can use these computers to check your email or visit web sites.

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Please be sure to quit all programs and log out when you are done using the kiosk.


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See the Clickable Map below for detailed location information...

Kiosk Location Comments
Claudia Cohen Hall (36th between Spruce & Locust)
  • Ground floor, near the elevator (3 stations)
  • Second Floor 1 station
David Rittenhouse Labs (33rd & Walnut)
  • 1st floor lobby (2 stations)
You can print from DRL kiosks; printer is located in Multi-Media Services
Fisher Bennett Hall (34th & Walnut)
  • Ground floor center hall (2 stations)
  • Ground Floor East Wing (1 station)
  • Basement (3 stations)
  • 4th floor (2 station)
You can print from Fisher-Bennett kiosks; printer is located in the ground floor center hall
Hayden Hall (3320 Smith Walk)
  • 2 kiosks first floor lobby

  • First floor lobby (2 stations)
McNeil Building (37th & Locust)
  • 1st floor center lobby (2 stations)

You can print from McNeil Lobby Kiosks; printer is located in the UDAL computer lab (room 104)

Multi Media Services (33rd and Walnut)
  • Basement (5 stations)
You can print from these kiosks; Printer is located in the same room as the kiosks.
Solomon Labs (3720 Walnut Street)
  • Ground Floor (1 Station)
  • Second Floor (2 Stations)

Chemistry Building (Chem '73 Wing)


  • Lower Level (2 Stations)



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