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The certificate curricula at Penn are designed by faculty members to guide students in a thorough exploration of a particular topic. Students have the opportunity to earn certificates in a variety of subjects. Each certificate program has been created to direct and recognize students’ learning and discovery in the interdisciplinary subject areas listed below.

You may choose to participate in a certificate program for several reasons. First, the program offers a roadmap for study, indicating which courses to take to gain more expertise on the topic in which you are interested. Second, the certificate appears on your transcript, and clearly announces your academic interest and expertise in this topic for potential employers or educational institutions. Finally, when pursuing a certificate, you are allowed to take up to five courses in a single department. If you do not participate in a certificate program, you are only allowed four courses within any one department while completing your MLA.  

You can earn a certificate in a topic different from your MLA concentration. Both your MLA concentration and your certificate will be listed on your transcript.

Certificate programs

Culture, Community, and City Living

Campus Life

Explore everything Penn has to offer, including the vibrant city life of Philadelphia.

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Penn and the Arts

Campus Life

From theatre, museums, galleries, and music and dance, arts play a leading role in life on campus.

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Featured Courses

Featured Courses

Planning your class schedule? Consider these exciting summer and fall courses.

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