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Faculty Bios

Julia Wilker

Assistant Professor of Classical Studies


PhD, Ancient History, Freie Universität Berlin, 2005
Master of Arts, History, Classical Archaeology, Freie Universität Berlin, 2001

Research and teaching interests 

  • Hellenistic and Roman Near East
  • Jewish history in the Greco-Roman period
  • Late Classical Greece
  • Interstate relations

Selected publications 

  • Für Rom und Jerusalem. Die herodianische Dynastie im 1. Jahrhundert n.Chr. Frankfurt: Verlag Antike 2007
  • “’God is with Italy now’. Pro-Roman Jews in the First Century CE,” in Benedikt Eckhardt (ed.), Groups, Normativity, and Rituals. Jewish Identity and Politics between the Maccabees and Bar Kokhba. Leiden et al.: Brill 2011, 157-187
  • “Josephus, the Herodians and the Jewish War,” in Mladen Popovic (ed.), The Jewish War against Rome (66-70/74): Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Leiden et al.: Brill 2011, 271-289
  • “Zu Fortwirken und Rezeption des Thukydides im 4. Jahrhundert v.Chr.,” in Ernst Baltrusch – Christian Wendt (eds.), Völkerrecht und Staatsverständnis bei Thukydides, Baden-Baden: Nomos  2011, 87-105
  • ed., Maintaining Peace and Interstate Stability in Archaic and Classical Greece, Mainz: Verlag Antike 2012

Work in progress 

  • Women and Dynastic Power in Hellenistic and early Roman Judea
  • Local, non-priestly elites in Judea, 2nd century B.C.–2nd century C.E.
  • Concepts of interstate relations in late classical Greece

Recent Courses

  • Undergraduate
    • Ancient Mediterranean Empires
    • Hellenistic and Roman Near East
    • History of Macedonia
    • Introduction to Greek and Roman History
  • Graduate
    • Jews in the Greek and Roman World
    • Problems in Roman History
    • Provincial Perspectives

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