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Pre-Health Core Studies Program

The Pre-Health Core Studies program is designed to help prepare individuals from a variety of different academic backgrounds for an exciting medical, dental, veterinary or nursing career. Our Core Studies students all have excellent academic records but little or no previous coursework in the sciences, and they are passionate about preparing for the opportunity to serve others as a health professional. 

As a Pre-Health Core Studies student, the courses you take will depend on your prior coursework, and we will work closely with you to prepare an individual course of study tailored to your background and goals. You have the option to complete this program on a full- or part-time basis, providing you flexibility to gain critical clinical and research experiences while you take classes. 

Students with no science background typically complete the Core Studies program in two years, while those with some prior science coursework may be able to complete the requirements in less time. You can view our sample schedules to get an idea of options for a Core Studies curriculum. 

Pre-Health Core Studies curriculum

As a Core Studies student, you will take the introductory science courses required for admission to most medical, dental, nursing or veterinary schools: general chemistry, introductory biology, organic chemistry, physics and biochemistry. General chemistry, introductory biology, organic chemistry and physics sequences consist of two semesters, and each semester includes a lab.

If you would like to complete the requirements in one year, you should plan to begin your study in the summer with chemistry. The following academic year will include biology, organic chemistry and physics, thus preparing students for the May-June MCAT, DAT or GRE.

If you attend part time, it will take you two years to complete the program. Part-time Core Studies students generally take biology and chemistry the first year, and physics and organic chemistry the second year, planning for the May-June MCAT, DAT or GRE.

Students enrolled in the Pre-Health Core Studies program often take additional courses beyond the Pre-Health professional admissions requirements. These additional courses may include topics like genetics, histology, or history and sociology of science, which will help deepen knowledge and preparation for medical, dental, veterinary or nursing training.

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