2001 - 2002 Classroom Project
Chemistry 502

image - computerUsing the Web in the Chemistry Classroom

East Brunswick School District:

        East Brunswick is a township located in north-central New Jersey. It has a population of about 45,000 people.  It boasts a school district of 11 schools.  There are eight elementary schools that house grades K - 5.  The single middle school houses grades 6 and 7.  It has a single junior high school that contains grades 8 and 9.  East Brunswick High School houses grades 10 through 12.  The school Image - children going to schooldistrict is overseen by a superintendent and 3 assistant superintendents.  The whole district population is more than 8300 students.

East Brunswick High School

          East Brunswick High School is a large multi-wing building set on about 110 acres.  This school is home to more than 2000 students and 150 faculty and staff members.  Students have 28 varsity sports, several intramural sports, and more than 55 clubs and activities available to them.  The building is overseen by a principal and three assistant principals.  Also, a department chairperson and a department supervisor help to oversee the staff, students, and curriculum of the major departments at the high school.  For more information of East Brunswick High School, click here.  (Use the back button on your browser to return to this location.)

Science Department at East Brunswick High School
image - female science teacher
          The Science Department at East Brunswick High School is 21 staff members strong.  There are 8 biology teachers, 9 chemistry teachers, and 4 physics teachers.  Students have the option of taking one or more of the 8 electives offered by the science staff:  Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Contemporary Issues of Science, Environmental Science I, Environmental Science II, Forensic Science, Marine Biology, and Meteorology.  It also hosts various science related clubs:  Science Team, Science Olympiad, Waksman Student Scholars Program, and SAVE.

          Four level of chemistry are offered at EBHS:  Advanced Placement, Honors, Academic, and Chem Com.  The Advanced Placement and the Honors classes meet for 7 periods per week.  Each class has two double lab periods per week.  The remaining classes, Academic and Chem Com meet for 6 periods per week.  Each class has one double lab period per week.

Me and My Classes

         Last year I taught one section of Academic Chemistry, one section of Honors Chemistry and two sections of Forensic Science during the first semester and three during the second semester.  This year, I will be teaching two sections of Honors Chemistry and threeimage - big paper clip sections of Forensic Science each semester.  This is a total of 29 teaching periods per week.

          The chemistry classrooms, in general, have 1 teacher computer and printer station, 6 networked student computers and printer, a TV, a VCR, and a TVator to connect the teacher computer to the TV.  Most of the chemistry rooms are full chemistry lab rooms with lab stations designed for 24 students.

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Using the Internet for a More Productive Chemistry Class

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