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Added March, 2017

Spengler, Robert, Michael Frachetti, Paula Doumani, Lynne Rouse, Barbara Cerasetti, Elissa Bullion, and Alexei Mar'yashev
2014 Early agriculture and crop transmission among Bronze Age mobile pastoralists of Central Eurasia. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Biological Sciences 281, 20133382. Kazakhstan//Turkmenistan//Begash//Tasbas//Ojakly//3M//2M

Added February, 2017

Bouchaud, Charlene, Christiane Jacquat, Danièle Martinoli
2017 Landscape use and fruit cultivation in Petra (Jordan) from Early Nabataean to Byzantine times (2nd century BC-5th century AD). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 26: 223-244.

McCorriston, Joy
2016 Botanical remains: Charred plant remains from Ziyadeh In Homesteads on the Khabur. Tell Ziyadeh and Other Settlements, eds. F. Hole and Y. Tonoike, pp. 255-285. BAR International Series 2827.
Syria//T. Ziyadeh//5M//4M

Ramsay, Jennifer H.
2015 The Archaeobotanical Remains. In The 2003-2007 Excavations in the Late Roman Fort at Yotvata, eds. G. Davies and J. Magness, pp. 239-248 Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana.

Ramsay, Jennifer H. and S. Thomas Parker
2016 A Diachronic Look at the Agricultural Economy at the Red Sea Port of Aila: An Archaeobotanical Case for Hinterland Production in Arid Environments. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR) 376: 101-120.

Added January, 2017

Melamed, Yoel, Mordechai E. Kislev, Eli Geffen, Simcha Lev-Yadun, and Naama Goren-Inbard
2016 The plant component of an Acheulian diet at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov, Israel PNAS 113 (51): 14674-14679.
Israel//Gesher Benot Ya'aqov//780M (!)

Added December, 2016

Oybak Dönmez, Emel, Ali Akın Akyo, Recep Karadağ, Emine Torgan, Kaan İren
2017 Ancient plant remains with special reference to buckthorn, Frangula alnus Mill., pyrenes from Dascyleum, Balıkesir, NW Turkey. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 86(1):3520.

Wengrow, David, Robert Carter, Gareth Brereton, Mary Shepperson, Sami Jamil Hamarashi, Saber Ahmed Saber, Andrew Bevan, Dorian Fuller, Helen Himmelman, Hanna Sosnowska, and Lara Gonzalez Carretero
2016 Gurga Chiya and Tepe Marani: New excavations in the Shahrizor Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraq (DOI: 10.1017/irq.2016.6)
Iraq//Gurga Chiya//T. Marani//6M//5M//4M

Decaix, Alexia, Erwan Messager, Margareta Tengberg, Reinder Neef, Bertille Lyonnet, Farhad Guliyev
2016 Vegetation and plant exploitation at Mentesh Tepe (Azerbaijan), 6th-3rd millennium BC initial results of the archaeobotanical study. Quaternary International 395: 19-30.
Azerbaijan//Mentesh Tepe//6M//5M//4M//3M

Weiss, Ehud and Yael Mahler-Slasky
2016 Excursus B: Jar of dried figs. In Tell Beth-Shemesh, a Border Community in Judah, Renewed Excacavations 1990-2000: The Iron Age, vol. I, by S. Bunimovitz and Z. Lederman, pp. 247-256. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana.
Israel//T. Beth-Shemesh//1M

Liphschitz, Nili
2016 Archaeobotanical remains. In Tell Beth-Shemesh, a Border Community in Judah, Renewed Excacavations 1990-2000: The Iron Age, vol. II, by S. Bunimovitz and Z. Lederman, pp. 665-674. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana.
Israel//T. Beth-Shemesh//2M//1M

Liphschitz, Nili
2016 Archaeobotanical remains. In Beer-Sheba III, The Early Iron IIA Enclosed Settlement and the Late Iron IIA-Iron IIB Cities, vol. III, by Z. Herzog and L. Singer-Avitz, pp. 1410-1424. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana.
Israel// Beer-Sheba III//1M//

Added November, 2016

Marston, John M. and Scott Branting
2016 Agricultural adaptation to highland climate in Iron Age Anatolia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9: 25-32.

Riehl, S., E. Asouti, D. Karakaya, B.M. Starkovich, M. Zeidi, and N.J. Conard
2015 Resilience at the Transition to Agriculture: The Long-Term Landscape and Resource Development at the Aceramic Neolithic Tell Site of Chogha Golan (Iran). BioMed Research International 2015, Article ID 532481.
Iran//Chogha Golan//10M//9M//8M

Added September, 2016

Record, Samuel J.
1937 Wood. In The Alishar Huyuk Seasons of 1930-32. Part III, ed. H.H. van der Osten, pp. 329-332. Oriental Institute Publications 30. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
Turkey//Alishar Huyuk//2M//1M

Added August, 2016

Matney, Timothy, Tina Greenfield, Kemalettin Köröğlu, John MacGinnis, Lucas Proctor, Melissa Rosenzweig, and Dirk Wicke
2015 Excavations at Ziyaret Tepe, Diyarbakir Province, Turkey, 2011-2014 Seasons. Anatolica 41: 125-176.
Turkey//Ziyaret T.//1M

Pişkin, Evangelia and Mustafa N. Tatbul
2015 Archaeobotany at Komana: Byzantine plant use at a rural cornucopia. In The Medieval Settlement at Komana / Komana Ortacağ Yerleşimi, ed. D.B. Erciyas and M.N. Tatbul, pp. ?. Ege Yayınları, Istanbul.

Ramsay, J.H. and K. Holum
2015 An archaeobotanical analysis of the Islamic Period occupation at Caesarea Maritima, Israel. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 24: 655-671.
Israel//Caesarea Maritima//AD

Rühl, Lisa, Christoph Herbig, and Astrid Stobbe
2014 Archaeobotanical analysis of plant use at Kamennyi Ambar, a Bronze Age fortified settlement of the Sintashta culture in the southern Trans-Urals steppe, Russia. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 24: 413-426.
Siberia//Kamennyi Ambar //3M//2M

Spengler, Robert N. III, Ilaria de Nigris, Barbara Cerasetti, Marialetizia Carra, and Lynne M. Rouse
2016 The breadth of the dietary economy in Bronze Age Central Asia: Case study from Adji Kui 1 in the Murgab region of Turkmenistan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.
Turkmenistan//Adji Kui 1//3M//2M

Added June, 2016

Nesbitt, M.
2016 'Chapter 15. Plant remains' in Tille Höyük 3. The Iron Age. Vol. 2. Pottery, Objects and Conclusions, by S. Blaylock, pp. 369-94. British Institute at Ankara, London.
Turkey//Tille H.//1M

Added April, 2016

Arranz-Otaegui, Amaia, Sue Colledge, Juan José Ibañez, and Lydia Zapata
2016 Crop husbandry activities and wild plant gathering, use and consumption at the EPPNB Tell Qarassa North (south Syria) Vegetation History and Archaeobotany DOI: 10.1007/s00334-016-0564-0.
Syria//T. Qarassa North//9M//Early PPNB

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