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Added March, 2015

Hartmann-Shenkman, Mordechai E. Kislev, Ehud Galili, Yoel Malamud, and Ehud Weiss
2015 Invading a new niche: obligatory weeds at Neolithic Atlit-Yam, Israel

Caracuta, Valentina and Girolamo Fiorentino
2013 Forests near and far, an anthracological perspective on Ebla. In Ebla and Its Landscape. Early State Formation in the Ancient Near East, eds. P. Matthiae and N. Marchetti, pp. 403-412. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California.

Caracuta, Valentina and Girolamo Fiorentino
2015 Garbage disposal in the Middle Bronze Age in Tell Mardikh-Ebla (NW Syria): Using plant remains to investigate midden formation processes. In Tell Tuqan Excavations and Regional Perspectives, Cultural Developments in Inner Syria from the Early Bronze Age to the Persian/Hellenistic Period, eds. F. Baffi, R. Fiorentino, and L. Peyronel, pp. 485-506. Congedo Editore.

Added January, 2015

Yaman, B, A.A. Akyol, Ç. Atay
2014 Daskyleion kazısı karbonize ahşap buluntuların anatomik teşhisi. 29. Arkeometri Sonuçları Toplantısı, ed. H. Dönmez, pp. 174-183. T.C. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı Kültür Varlıkları ve Müzeler Genel Müdürlüğü, MSKÜ Basımevi, Muğla.

Hovsepyan, Roman
2014 Preliminary data on anthracological study at Godedzor Chalcolithic settlement (Armenia). In Ethnology and Archaeology of Armenia and Neighboring Countries. Habitus 1: 206-211. National Academy of Sciences RA Gitutyun Publishing House, Yerevan. Armenia//Godedzor//4M

Langgut, Dafna, Kathryn Gleason, and Barbara Burrell
2015 Pollen analysis as evidence for Herod's Royal Garden at the Promontory Palace, Caesarea. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences [Online January, 2015] DOI:10.1080/07929978.2014.975560
Israel//Caesarea//Herod's Palace//1M//pollen

Yaman, Barbaros and Halime Hüryılmaz
2014 The identification of wood charcoals from an Early Bronze Age mound (Yenibademli) in western Turkey. Drewno 57 (193): 97-108.

Wright, Nathan J., Andrew S., J. Tyler Faith, and Kimiyoshi Matsumara
2015 Woodland modification in Bronze and Iron Age central Anatolia: An anthracological signature for the Hittite state? Journal of Archaeological Science. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2014.12.021

Smith, Alexia, Tamara Bagoyan, Ivan Gabrielyan, Ron Pinhasi, and Boris Gasparyan
2014 Late Chalcolithic and Medieval Archaeobotanical Remains from Areni-1 (Birds' Cave), Armenia. In Stone Age of Armenia, eds. B. Gasparyan and M. Arimura, pp. 233-260. JSPS-Bilateral Jount Research Project. Center for Cultural Resource Studies, Kanazawa University, Japan.
Armenia//Areni-1//Birds' Cave//5M//4M//AD

Added December, 2014

Fairbairn, Andrew, Emma Jenkins, Douglas Baird, and Geraldine Jacobsen
2014 9th millennium plant subsistence in the central Anatolian highlands: new evidence from Pınarbaşı, Karaman Province, central Anatolia Journal of Archaeological Science 41: 801-812. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2013.09.024

Added November, 2014

Kadowaki, Seiji, Lisa Maher, Marta Portillo, Rosa M. Albert, Chie Akashi, Farhad Guliyev, Yoshihiro Nishiaki
2015 Geoarchaeological and palaeobotanical evidence for prehistoric cereal storage in the southern Caucasus: the Neolithic settlement of G&0uml;ytepe (mid 8th millennium BP) Journal of Archaeological Science 53: 408-425.

Messager, Erwan, Estelle Herrscher, Lucie Martin, Eliso Kvavadze,Inga Martkoplishvili, Claire Delhon, Kakha Kakhiani, Giorgi Bedianashvili, Antonio Sagona, Liana Bitadze, Modwene Poulmarc'h, André Guy, and David Lordkipanidze
2015 Archaeobotanical and isotopic evidence of Early Bronze Age farming activities and diet in the mountainous environment of the South Caucasus: a pilot study of Chobareti site (Samtskhee Javakheti region). Journal of Archaeological Science 53: 214-226.

Added October, 2014

McCorriston, Joy and Heidi Ekstrom
2014 Archaeobotanical Finds from Ayn Abu Nukhayla. In The Sands of Time. The Desert Neolithic Settlement of Ayn Abu Nukhayla, eds. D.O. Henry and J. E. Beaver, pp. 139-143. Bibliotheca Neolithica Asiae Meridionalis et Occidentalis. ex Oriente, Berlin.
Jordan//Ayn Abu Nukhayla//8M

Riehl, Simone
2010 Plant Production in a Changing Environment: The Archaeobotanical Remains from Tell Mozan. In Development of the Environment, Subsistence and Settlement of the City of Urkes and Its Region, by K. Deckers, M. Doll, P. Pfäzner, and S. Riehl, pp. 13-158. Studien zur Urbanisierung Nordmesopotamiens, Serie A. Ausgrabungen 1998-2001 in der Zentralen Oberstadt von Tall Mozan / Urkes. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden.

Added September, 2014

Filipović, Dragana
2014 An Archaeobotanical Study of Crop Husbandry, Animal Diet and Land Use at Neolithic Çatalhöyük. BAR International Series 2667. Archaeopress.
Turkey//Çatalhöyük//8M//7M ? [not seen yet]

Yaman, B.
2011 Anatomy of archaeological wood charcoals from Yenibademli Mound (Imbros), western Turkey. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry 11: 33-39.

Smith, Alexia
2012 Akkadian and Post-Akkadian Plant Use at Tell Leilan. In Seven Generations Since the Fall of Akkad, ed. Harvey Weiss, pp. 225-240. Studia Chaburensia 3. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden.

Added July, 2014

Marston, John M. and Naomi F. Miller
2014 Intensive Agriculture and Land Use at Roman Gordion, Central Turkey. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany.


Added June, 2014

White, Chantel E., Meredith S. Chesson and R. Thomas Schaub
2014 A recipe for disaster: emerging urbanism and unsustainable plant economies at Early Bronze Age Ras an-Numayra, Jordan.
Antiquity 88: 363-377
Jordan//Ras an-Numayra//4M//3M

Added May, 2014

Baines, Jonathan A., Simone Riehl, Nicholas Conard, Mohsen Zeidi-Kulehparcheh
2014 Upper Palaeolithic archaeobotany of Ghar-e Boof cave, Iran: a case study in site disturbance and methodology. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [online, May 2014]
Iran//Ghar-e Boof//>30M//Upper Paleolithic

Graham, Philip J. and Alexia Smith
2013 A day in the life of an Ubaid household:archaeobotanical investigations at Kenan Tepe, south-eastern Turkey). Antiquity 87: 405-417.

Smith, Alexia and Scott Branting
2014 Some Phrygian Plant and Insect Remains from Kerkenes Dağ, Central Anatolia (Turkey). Ethnobiology Letters 5: 44-51. Turkey//Kerkenes Dağ//1M//

Added April, 2014

Fiorentino, Girolamo, Milena Primavera, and Valentina Caracuta
2014 Archaeobotanical analysis at Mersin-Yumuktepe: Food habits from Neolithic to Medieval period. In Paleonutrition and Food Practices in the Ancient Near East, ed. L.Milano, pp. 85-94. History of the Ancient Near East Monographs XIV. S.A.R.G.O.N., Padova.

Spengler, Robert N. III, Michael D. Frachetti, and Paula N. Domani
2014 Late Bronze Age agriculture at Tasbas in the Dzhungar Mountains of eastern Kazakhstan. Quaternary International.

Willcox, G. and L. Herveux
2013 Late Pleistocene/early Holocene charred plant remains: preliminary report. In Tell Qaramel 1999-2007. Protoneolithic and Early Pre-pottery Neolithic Settlement in Northern Syria, eds. R. F. Mazurowski and Y. Kanjou, pp. 120-128. PCMA, Warsaw. [available online]
Syria//T. Qaramel//10M

Added March, 2014

Ramsay, J.H.
2013 Plant remains. In Humayma Excavation Project, 2: Nabatean Campground and Necropolis, Byzantine Churches, and Early Islamic Domestic Structures, eds. J.P. Oleson and R. Schick, pp. 353-360. ASOR Archaeological Press.

Ramsay, J.H. and A.M. Smith II
2013 Desert agriculture at Bir Madhkur: The first archaeobotanical evidence to support the timing and scale of agriculture in the hinterland of Petra. Journal of Arid Environments 99: 51-63.
Jordan//Bir Madhkur//AD

Spengler, Robert N. III, Barbara Cerasetti, Margareta Tengberg, Maurizio Cattani, and Lynne M. Rouse
2014 Agriculturalists and pastoralists: Bronze Age economy of the Murghab alluvial fan, southern Central Asia. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany: online March, 2014.
Turkmenistan//Ojakly//Murghab 1211, Murghab 1219//2M

Tanno, Ken-ichi, George Willcox, Sultan Muhesen, Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Yousef Kanjo, and Takeru Akazawa
2013 Preliminary results from analyses of charred plant Remains from a burnt Natufian building at Dederiyeh Cave in northwest Syria. In Natufian Foragers in the Levant. Terminal Pleistocene Social Changes in Western Asia, eds. O. Bar-Yosef and F.R. Valla, pp. 83-87. International Monographs in Prehistory, Archaeological Series 19.
Syria//Dederiyeh Cave//Natufian

Caracuta, Valentina, Ehud Weiss, Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Roy Liran, Jacob Vardi, and Omry Barzilai
2014 From natural environment to human landscape: New archaeobotanical data from the Neolithic site of Nahal Zippori 3, Lower Galilee. Neo-Lithics 1/14: 33-41.
Israel//Nahal Zippori 3//7M//6M//PPNB

Earley-Spadoni, Tiffany
2011 Preliminary archaeobotanical results from Maxta 1 and Kültəpə. Iranica Antiqua 46: 15-19, 51, 53. In: Settlement and Society in Naxçivan: 2006 excavations and survey of the Naxçivan Archaeological Project. Iranica Antiqua 46: 1-53, by Ristvet, L., V. Baxşəliyev, and S. Aşurov. DOI: 10.2143/IA.46.0.2084412
Naxçivan//Maxta 1//Kültəpə//1M

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