Upcoming AAMW Archaeological Events

Every year, during both the Fall and Spring semesters, AAMW students organize a series of informal talks, the AAMW Lunches, offering a chance for graduate students and professors to present and discuss their current research.
Fri, 28-Oct-2016
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
The Domestication of the Dromedary and the Emergence of Overland Trade in the Ancient Near East
Peter Magee
Bryn Mawr College
Fri, 4-Nov-2016
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
Hellenism at the Fringes: Recent Archaeological Fieldwork in Hellenistic Sogdiana
Sören Stark
Fri, 11-Nov-2016
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
Deborah Vischak
Princeton University
Fri, 2-Dec-2016
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
Reusing the Past in Roman Greece
Cathy Keesling
Georgetown University

Lectures of the Philadelphia Society (AIA)

A series of lectures organized by the Philadelphia Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. All lectures are free and open to the public.

Please visit the AIA Philadelphia Society's website for a schedule of their events.