2017-2018 has been an extraordinary year for the AAMW program! During the year, Penn conferred a record nine degrees on our students, 8 Ph.D. and 1 M.A. The Ph.D. recipients are: Lara Fabian, Sarah Linn, Kate Morgan, Daira Nocera, Steve Renette, Anna Sitz, Lucas Stephens, and Kurtis Tanaka. Samantha Davidson received an M.A. Congratulations to all of you on your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments!

The news on the job front for our recent graduates has also been very good. Of those receiving their Ph.D.s this year, Lara Fabian has a multi-year postdoctoral position in Freiberg; Anna Sitz has a postdoctoral position in Berlin; and Kate Morgan and Lucas Stephens have secured postdocs at the University of Chicago. We are expecting more good news shortly from this group. Four recent graduates have landed tenure-track academic positions this year: Meg Andrews (2015) at the University of Chicago, Jordan Pickett (2015) at the University of Georgia, Sarah Beckmann (2016) at UCLA, and Peter Cobb (2016) at the University of Hong Kong.  Amanda Reiterman (2016) is a Visiting Lecturer at Holy Cross College.

In 2018–19 we welcome three new graduate students, Lauren King, James Gross, and Maurice Harton. We look forward to the unique contributions they will bring to the AAMW community.