A survey of the principal Hellenistic arts and styles and their private and public display contexts, from the 4th c. BC rise to power of Macedon and the conquests of Alexander, through the 1st C. AD consolidation of the Roman imperial system. We will look at artifacts, architectural planning and designed landscapes for cities, sanctuaries, houses and palaces, from Italy to the Middle East; media include sculpture, painting, mosaic, and the luxury and mass-produced arts of ceramics, gems, and metalwork. Viewing art in its social and design contexts, the course will emphasize; reconstructing Hellenistic aesthetics and ideas about art history; patronage and display habits; the thematic arrangements of images and structures for political and social expression; and cultural competition and synthesis in a multi-ethnic world of Greek, "Eastern" and Roman peoples and states. Lecture format.
Section 401 - SEM -