Topic varies. Fall 2017: Depictions of men and women in Aegean Bronze Age art, dating to circa 3,000-1,100 BCE, are extremely evocative. In this class we will examine what fresco art can tell us about the roles of men and women in this prehistoric culture. We will keep several questions in mind: 1) How do images of men and women evolve? 2) Does the artwork available to us allow us to safely draw conclusions about Minoan and Mycenaean society? 3) What are the similarities and differences between the depictions of Minoan and Mycenaean men and women? 4) Can we make a case that certain people were viewed as different (elevated in society, perhaps on a religious or secular level) based on the artistic examples that have been uncovered? We will also study theories that have been proposed about the roles of men and women of the Aegean Bronze Age, a people known for their artistic excellence and ambiguous images. Class discussions will be based on assigned readings, and you will write 3 short papers reviewing assigned articles. Students will also write and present two research papers to the class.
Section 401 - SEM - TOPICS IN AEGEAN ART: Depictions of Men and Women in Frescoes
M 0200PM-0500PM