Graduate Alumni Database

Alumni Database

Name Graduation Year Subfield Advisor Dissertation Title
Diego Arispe-Bazan 2018
Leslie Brodo-Mitts 2016
Britt Dahlberg 2016
Envisioning Post-Industrial Futures: Community Activism and Government Environmental Health Science in Southeastern Pennsylvania
Mariam Durrani 2016
A Study on Mobility Pakistani-Origin Muslin Youth in Higher Education
Christopher Golias 2016
Fighting With Wine: Ruin, Resistance and Renewal in Qom Community of Northern Argentina
Michael Joiner 2016
From Thick to Thin: The Remaking of Homeopathy in France
Adam Leeds 2016
Spectral Liberalism: On The Subjects of Political Economy in Moscow
Kristin Searle 2016
Culturally Responsive Computing for American Indian Youth: Making Activities with Electronic Textiles in the Native Studies Classroom
Arjun Shankar 2016
Development, value, an Education in India's Digital Age
Lynsey Bates 2015
Surplus an Access: Provisioning and Market Participation by Enslaved Laborers on Jamaican Sugar Estates