Chantel White

Archaeobotanical Teaching Specialist, Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM)

Ph.D. in Archaeology, Boston University; B.A. in Anthropology, Beloit College

Research Interests:

Neolithic and Bronze Age foodways; cooking and plant processing techniques; agricultural sustainability in prehistory; ethnoarchaeology; urban garden systems; Jordan, Turkey, Greece


Forthcoming, Feb. 2016. White, C.E., Sopov, A., and M.E. Ostovich. An Archaeology of Sustenance: The Endangered Market Gardens of Istanbul. In Archaeology for the People: Joukowsky Institute Perspectives, eds. J. Cherry and F. Rojas. Joukowsky Institute Publication 7. Oxford, UK: Oxbow Books, pp. 29-38.

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2015 Asouti, E., Kabukcu, C., White, C.E., Kuijt, I., Finlayson, B., and C. Makarewicz. Early Holocene Woodland Vegetation and Human Impacts in the Arid Zone of the Southern Levant. The Holocene 25: 1565-1580.

2015 White, C.E., Sopov, A., and M.A. Casson. Heritage under Threat: Saving the Ancient Gardens of Istanbul, Turkey. SAA Archaeological Record 15(1): 7-10.

2014 White, C.E., Chesson, M.S., and R.T. Schaub. A Recipe for Disaster: Emerging Urbanism and Unsustainable Plant Economies at Early Bronze Age Ras an-Numayra, Jordan. Antiquity 88(340): 363-377.

Penn Museum

CAAM Rm. 161