Christa Cesario

B.A. New York University, 2002

Dissertation Research: My dissertation research explores how the meanings, content, and value of Maya culture and identity are reconfigured for different interests in Yucatan, Mexico, and San Francisco, California, two sites interlaced by political and economic entanglements and migratory flows. More specifically, I investigate how interest groups (academic, activist, governmental, and grassroots) come to fill-in the content of categories of identity, and most broadly the category of authenticity, in their engagement with various bureaucracies and multicultural policies, spurring a rethinking of who can or cannot be “indigenous” across the NGO landscape in Mexico and the US.

Research Interests:

Cultural Politics; Subjectivity & State Recognition; Being & non-Being; Gender & Labor; Diaspora & Transnationalism; Development, NGOs; Knowledge Production; Political Anthropology; Latin America-Mexico, US.