Jennifer Brown



Jennifer (Jen) Brown is a Ph.D. candidate in medical anthropology. Jen is currently engaged in fieldwork in a small community of southeast Alaska.  Indigenous communities in Alaska face are confronted with a changing climate, disputed subsistence rights, and uncertain funding for social programs. Jen ultimately aims to increase anthropological understanding of Alaska Native tribal sovereignty  through the lens of indigenous critical studies, an emerging field incorporating indigenous perspectives and epistemologies along with western philosophical theory.  Jen’s current field activities have included: hiking through miles of muck during the lowest tide of the summer with interlocuters to understand the changing intertidal zone; attending planning and Tribal council meetings with Alaska Native tribal leaders; observing a citizen science project instituted by a local university; and working within her own Native community (Haida) to support language and culture revitalization efforts, among other activities.

Research Interests

Native North America, Alaska Natives, Arctic and Subarctic North America, Indigenous Critical Studies, Medical Anthropology, Bureaucracy, Research Ethics, Settler-Colonial Studies, Climate Change, Traditional Foods, Science Studies, Citizen Science

Graduate Status