ARTH326 - SEM IN GRECO-ROMAN ART: Classical Mythology in Western Tradition

Section 301 - SEM
CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY IN THE WESTERN TRADITION/ BEN FRANKLIN SEMINAR—Greco-Roman antiquity did not name a category called `mythology' that conflated, as we do now, their religion with any stories about gods, heroes, and the peoples of their own imagined deep past. Neither Greeks nor Romans imagined that their cultures would be conflated into `the Classical'. But if this notion of the Classical, and mythology, is post-antique, that sets us free all the more to look at how cultures post-dating Mediterranean antiquity, worshipping very different deities, creatively reacted to Greco-Roman stories and beliefs. as well as to the ancient images that seemed to encode them. We will look in this seminar, thus, at post-Classical artists and viewers from Late Antiquity right down to the contemporary world have exploited Greco-Roman `myth' to think about themselves and their own worlds. Our interdisciplinary panorama will frequently take in also the interplay between art and literature in our periods. The resources of the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as the Penn museums will be extensively utilized. No prerequisites; it's recommended that students have completed their sophomore year. Of especial interest to students in ArtH, ClSt, RelSt, Hist, VisSt, Anthro, Fine Arts, and the literature depts.
W 0200PM-0500PM