How to Set Up a Home Page

  • Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members in the School of Arts & Sciences are able to create home pages or complete web sites for their professional use.

Many SAS faculty and staff members will prefer to put their professional web site in our WordPress platform, because it is easier to create and maintain a WordPress site than it is to construct a site from scratch using HTML. Our instance of WordPress is called CampusPress and is located on our server. You can request a CampusPress site.

If you would prefer to construct your professional site using HTML and CSS on a SAS server (, it is first necessary to have a shell account on web-facstaff. If you do not already have a web-facstaff account, visit the page, "Shell Access to Web-Facstaff" for instructions. The rest of this page deals with this approach.

Your web address (URL) will be:

where "username" is your web-facstaff username. The character before your username is the tilde character, typically located in the upper left of your computer keyboard.

After you have your shell account, you can use a Secure FTP (SFTP) client, such as Fetch (for Mac) or WS_FTP (for Windows). Both of these clients are available for free to Penn faculty and staff. You can also use the Secure FTP upload feature in web editing software such as Dreamweaver, Contribute or iWeb. Use these settings:

  • Host (or hostname or server): web‑
  • Port: 22
  • Connect using (or protocol or servertype): SFTP (or SFTP using SSH2)

Log in with your web-facstaff username and password.

In your account area, you'll find a folder named "html". In order to be seen on the Web, all of your web materials need to be in this folder. The default file should be named index.htm or index.html or index.shtml.

If you need assistance, please contact your Local Support Provider (LSP).