Configure PennO365 Account as IMAP in Thunderbird

  • Faculty & Staff

If you do not have Thunderbird on your work machine, please contact your Local Support Provider (LSP).  Please be aware that Outlook is the preferred program for PennO365 and that Thunderbird will not give you access to the PennO365 calendar.

  1.  Open Thunderbird.  If you have not previously configured Thunderbird, it will prompt you to add an account. 
  2. The Welcome to Thunderbird window will open. Click on Skip this and use my existing email.

    If you already have an account set up in Thunderbird, go to Tools>Account Settings.  Go to the Account Actions dropdown and select Add Mail Account.

  3. In the Mail Account Setup enter the following information:
    Your name: Enter your name as you would like it to appear when sending messages
    Email Address: Enter your full SAS email address (e.g.  ).
    Password:  Enter your PennO365 account password. If you do not remember your password, go here to learn about resetting your password.
    Click Continue.
  4. You will need to manually configure the settings for O365.  Click on the Manual config button.
  5. Enter the following information:
    In Server Hostname enter
    In Server Hostname enter
    In the username field for Incoming and Outgoing enter your PennO365 Account Name (e.g.   not  )
    Click Re-test.
    When the re-test completes, click Done
  6. This will auto-fill the rest of the server information. Click Done and your account will be configured.
    You will need to subscribe to your account's folders after configuring your PennO365 account by going to File>Subscribe (if you do not see your menu bar hold down the Alt key and F) and and check off the folders you would like to view in your account and click OK.

Please contact your Local Support Provider if you have any questions.