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The influence of a municipal solid waste landfill on groundwater quality: a modelling case study for Raureni-Ramnicu Valcea (Romania)

Marinov, I., Marinov, A.M.
2 014
International Journal of Computational Methods & Experimental Measurements
Municipal solid waste landfills are potential long-term sources of pollution for both humans and the environment and need to be managed properly both during their lifetime and after closure. This paper analyzes the influence of the Râureni-Râmnicu Vâlcea landfill (Romania) on the concentration of pollutant reaching the groundwater and the nearby Olt River. Prediction of contaminant concentration in groundwater is based on a simple mathematical model of solute transport. Model parameters are determined from field data and scale analysis. Despite its recent closure after 32 years of activity, this landfill has the potential to continue to pollute both the Olt River and the groundwater for decades. Sensitivity analyses are performed to determine the impact of varying the dispersivity coefficients on the resulting contaminant transport and distribution in the aquifer. Aquifer pollution is predicted for twenty years beyond the landfill closure. Enhanced landfill monitoring and establishment of a shared data portal for Romanian environmental data is highly recommended.
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Irina Marinov
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Department of Earth and Environmental Science / University of Pennsylvania, 251 Hayden Hall, 240 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316